New in: Buffalo Dasia sandals via

In my previous posts I told you that I had ordered 2 more pairs of shoes, and as I wrote on my Facebook page, they were delivered to me last week and I couldn’t be happier with my order. I wasn’t going to order 2 pairs, but it’s a long story!

I’ll try to make it shorter, by telling you that I was originally going to buy only the 2nd pair, but I already had a few green pairs, so my mom advised me to buy another one,  and that’s when I bought the Buffalo Addison ones. But I couldn’t get them out of my mind, so I wanted to buy them too. But from the moment I put my order for the Addisons, the green Dasia ones sold out in my size. I kept visiting the site every day in case my size was back, but nothing. After 3 weeks I gave up, and decided to buy the black pair instead…I didn’t have a black pair of heeled sandals for the summer, so I thought why not.

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