Summer black and whites | Outfits

I wore this outfit a few days ago to go for dinner with T. I kept it really simple, with very few accessories, and let black and white (and a bit of navy) do all the talking. Favorite details of this outfit: my transparent plastic clutch and my all-white manicure, both huge trends of this summer. The shoes are oldies but goodies, and they were the perfect addition to this minimalistic outfit. Do you agree?

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New in | Bourne Agatha wedge booties via

The latest addition to my shoe closet is these Bourne Agatha wedge ankle boots, bought via my favorite e-shop, I never had winter wedges, and I really loved these ones…I bought them with 50% off, and they’re still available in many sizes here. I can’t wait to wear them! What do you think?

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New in: TOD’S peep-toe slingbacks

This is not one of those posts where I show you some of my latest purchases. Nope! In fact these weren’t even my purchase. These shoes were gifted to me, by a dear family friend. She bought them for a wedding, but didn’t actually wear them and kept them in her closet unworn for a long time. She knows how much I love shoes, and she insisted on giving them to me as a gift. Of course she refused to take any money from me, no matter how many times I offered because I knew how expensive they were. So I wanted to thank her from here as well. I know you want to see the shoes now, so without further ado, here they are:

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New in: Buffalo Dasia sandals via

In my previous posts I told you that I had ordered 2 more pairs of shoes, and as I wrote on my Facebook page, they were delivered to me last week and I couldn’t be happier with my order. I wasn’t going to order 2 pairs, but it’s a long story!

I’ll try to make it shorter, by telling you that I was originally going to buy only the 2nd pair, but I already had a few green pairs, so my mom advised me to buy another one,  and that’s when I bought the Buffalo Addison ones. But I couldn’t get them out of my mind, so I wanted to buy them too. But from the moment I put my order for the Addisons, the green Dasia ones sold out in my size. I kept visiting the site every day in case my size was back, but nothing. After 3 weeks I gave up, and decided to buy the black pair instead…I didn’t have a black pair of heeled sandals for the summer, so I thought why not.

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Santa Claus is coming to town

Hello everyone! I’m really excited to be writing this post today, on Christmas Eve. We’re one day away from Christmas and we’ve already seen our first snow here in Greece, even though it was not much, and it has already melted. 🙁

I know I squeezed many posts these last weeks before Christmas, but I’m probably going to return to my previous program after it. But before I do, I wanted to show you one more outfit post. Probably the last one of 2011!

These pics were taken last week on T’s birthday, but I wanted to post it now because it’s probably the same outfit I’ll wear tomorrow too. Yes, I admit it! I will repeat an outfit if I like it, and I’m not afraid to say it. It’s really Christmas appropriate, it’s comfortable and cozy, and since we’re going to host the Christmas lunch at our house, why not wear it again?

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