My month in pics | February 2015

February 2015 outfits February ran by so fast! I can’t say it was one of my favorite months, as it was super cold, and I was really busy and tired all the time. I showed you 9 outfits, and shared my everyday routine with you, through Instagram. Now it’s time to do a recap of the month to see if you missed anything. As always, you can find all of my outfits in one place: the Outfits page on my blog, and click on the links to be directed to a specific post. Make sure to follow me on social media to keep yourself updated. Which were your favorite posts? Mine were: 4, 5 and 9. In that exact order!

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Nature’s child | Outfits

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Thankfully I managed to take my outfit photos with the help of my cousin the other day, so I’m back with another outfit post. You know how much I love those. My outfit of the day was rather unusual to my style. I called it modern spinster meets wannabe rebel fashionista. haha Sometimes even I’m tired of my signature style and want to experiment with my wardrobe. So I knew I wanted to wear this skirt, which is actually ankle length (do you remember it from my post back in 2012? Well, if you follow me since then, you’re awesome, and thank you very much!) and combine it with my biker boots for a little bit of edge, and to keep it from looking dull and boring. Not sure if I succeeded, but oh well, it looked cool for one day! Thoughts?

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Layer it! | Outfits

Layer it! - outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comI wore this outfit on Wednesday when the weather was around 18 degrees, and I could easily stay out without my coat on. It definitely felt like early spring, but I know that we’re just in the middle of halcyon days and we’ll soon be back to winter. So I try to enjoy it while I can. I get unbelievably happy when the weather is sunny and preferably around 20-30 degrees. I absolutely loved my outfit of the day! Never thought I’d like a layered outfit so much. Of course I wore tights, but the beanie was purely for the sake of style. This sweater is also one of the new entries in my closet, and it’s already become a favorite. I layered it on top of a long shirtdress and a mini skirt, but if your skirt is longer, or if you’re just feeling daring, feel free to wear it without one! 😉 Mine was shorter than I expected so I didn’t. Shorts can also work with this look. Play around with layers and find out what works for you! Happy weekend my little gossipers. 😛

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Mint dresses & red tutus | Outfits

Mint dresses & red tutus 7- Outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comI’m sure by now you’ve already seen our Christmas photoshoot with the Stylishly Beautiful Team. So you’ve already seen this gorgeous dress, but I wanted to show you some close up ones too. So here’s the outfit of the day! This dress stole my heart, even though I was initially going for a beautiful blue skirt. The petticoat underneath it was the cherry on the cake, which made the dress even more special and matched perfectly my Sante pumps (it was actually the first time I was wearing a petticoat). What do you think?

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