Let’s play a game – Guess my name!

When I started this blog, I didn’t know where it will lead me, and how many readers it will have, but since it was personal, I knew I didn’t want to reveal my name. Not because I didn’t want my readers to know it, but because I didn’t want it to be out there on the internet. I wanted to create a barrier between my personal life and this blog. None of my friends knew its existence, until I started telling them some time ago. Some people get it, some people don’t and living in a country like Greece, and a rather small town (even city, compared to other big ones), you always get a few weird stares when you’re taking photos of your outfit, or if you generally do something different from the usual. But I’m in a point in my life, where all of my friends know about my blog (my family too), I’ve met with some other bloggers from Thessaloniki with whom I’ve become friends (and of course they already know my name too), so I decided that it was finally time, to cross that barrier I created and share my name with all of you.  But before I do that, I decided to play a little game with you to make you more engaging, and make this revelation more fun! I’ll give you a few clues, and I’ll add a poll below, where you can add your own options, and guess my name (if someone else has already written the name you were going to write, just click on that option, and vote for it. If not, you can add your own)! I’ll reveal my name some time during this month. So, let’s see:

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Top 10 posts of 2011

This week’s IFB project (#26) was to make a special post about our favourite posts of 2011. In order to do this I had to go through all this year’s posts, and pick (up to) 10 of my favourites. This sounds easy, but it isn’t ‘cause I wrote all of them, and I love them equally, so it was too difficult to pick only 10. However, I managed to do it. I remembered my emotions and thoughts when I was writing them, and I kept smiling the whole time.

Here we go (in no special order):

1. Take a bow

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The battle of the bags

Hello my dear readers! How are you? Today I’m going to show you some of the bags that almost made it into my October’s wishlist, but for some reason they didn’t.

First of all, they were more expensive that I could possibly spend on a bag, and this time my wishlist consisted mainly of more affordable items. Secondly, there were other items, which were higher on my list, so they won.

I’m starting with a bag from “The Row”, by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

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Favourite outfits

I was thinking what should my next post be about, and then I got an idea. I will present you my favourite outfits I wore on the blog so far.  I don’t do outfit posts on a daily basis, so this can’t be a monthly column, but I will give you my top 5 of my favourite outfits.

It was a really difficult choice, because I couldn’t easily narrow it down to just 5 outfits, but my bf helped me choose. So, there you go, here’s my top 5 list.

Starting from my favourite to the least one of the 5!

1. “A forest full of plane trees…” post

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