Don’t call me Kelly (bag)

29 May, 2011

Without any delay, I present you the new addition to my closet.

As you may have already understood from the title of this post, it’s a Hermes-Kelly-look-alike bag. I have no idea of its brand, cause I bought it from a cute little boutique in the city where I live. It’s leather, green, and big enough for my everyday stuff I usually take with me when I go out. At first I was going for the bigger version of it, in the same color, as it had a more “Birkin” effect, but it was huge and much more expensive so I went for the little one.

I like its color very much, and as I told you before I’m currently obsessed with green, but I didn’t have a green bag to go with my outfits so it was a good chance to buy one.

Green and beige/nude is one of this summer’s favourite color combinations for me so I wanted to give you some inspiration of how you could wear this color in an outfit.

Green leather bag shown here with: Zara shoes, Michael Kors rose-gold watch, and Seventeen pearl purple nail polish No. 505.

And here are a couple of close-up pics of the details.

I’ll try to show you a proper outfit with it in one of my next posts.

In the meanwhile, you can:



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30 comments on “Don’t call me Kelly (bag)

  1. BEAUTIFUL! Can I have the online address of this store? Ah, I guess they don’t sell things online, because you said it was bought at a “cute little boutique”… Ah, this time I’m green with envy – hahaha, literally green (I also love green)! I love this bag style, I have a turquoise one, but not so practical like yours! And I totally want one like this! Maybe I go to your city in August – just maybe (hopefully!) – and then please take me to this boutique!!!! You have an excellent taste and I really loved loved loved your new bag! (By the way, I don’t post what I buy… because “beloved ones” read… and come saying “you spend too much!” I know it’s my business, but I don’t want to listen to them… so I avoid conflict, xaxaxa! To make up for what I don’t post, I love reading about your shopping days! Simply perfect! (Pls go on shopping and posting!)

    • Unforunately they don’t have an online store and I don’t even know the brand of it so I can help you…It’s a really nice bag, well made with real leather (it also has small leather pockets inside). If you come to my city in August I would definitely take you shopping and not only to this store 🙂
      My beloved ones don’t read my blog cause I haven’t told them about it. In fact, I haven’t told anyone, except for some really close friends (who don’t even use internet that much – so no “support”) and of course my bf who also helps me with some technical stuff, that I don’t understand.
      It may seem that I shop a lot, but I don’t do it that often. And I don’t spend huge amounts of money on them. But when I like something very much, I’ll buy it (if I can afford it), and then I like to show you what I got, here on my blog. This time I only bought the bag, the other stuff were “old”. I believe that I invest in classical pieces that go with everything, and hopefully I’ll have them forever.
      Thank you for your comment!!! 🙂
      P.S. They also have the bag in electric blue, pink and orange! 🙂

      • I know what you mean, when we adore something we have to get it! And you are right about pieces that will accompany you for ages! I have a skirt that I bought when I was a teenager and I still love it! Also shoes I bought 10 years ago and they are like new! No, I didn’t say you buy a lot, no, but even if you did, why not? Life is to have fun, that was my “verdict” after last year… we have to enjoy life, to be there for the ones we love, to make a difference for them and for ourselves! If painting is a pleasure, then yay to it! If it’s shopping, also yay! I think whatever makes us happy, we should go for it! And hey, I want the bag in… blue then! (Although I am sure green was the most beautiful one! You did it right!)

        • Exactly! I know you didn’t say that I buy a lot, but I know many people will think that way about me, but I really don’t.
          The blue bag was also beautiful, it would go great with my zara cobalt shoes (if they weren’t killing my feet evetime I wear them, but still), but I already have a great blue bag (haven’t show it to you yet, but I’m planning to, cause I love “her”), and I wanted a green one cause I wear a lot of green in summer and I didn’t have one. Wow long sentence. 😛
          We have to enjoy life every way we like, I agree. I have to remind myself to buy actual clothes from time to time, cause I will end up having only shoes and bags, and nothing to wear with them.

  2. Gosh, how amazing pieces and bag is statement piece indeed. Emerald green is so terndy at the moment and its so chic strong colour!

    Thank You darling for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment on my previous post!

    xoxo Ra

    • Thank you Stephanie! 🙂 I know, I will definitey be wearing it all summer long. I was so excited when I found it, and especially in green!

  3. Adorable bag! I usually go for black, white or brown bags… I have a dream of buying Chanel 2.55 when I turn 22 🙂


    • Thank you! I’m trying to have as many colors as I can in bags, and of course I have all the basic ones.
      Oh it’s also my dream to buy a Channel 2.55, I hope one day I’ll get one. But I passed my 22’s 3 years ago, oops! 😛 You would be so lucky to have a 2.55 in your 22’s, such a classic bag.

  4. the green-beige(or nude) combination is a very good one! Never thought of it until I saw it on the Blonde Salad and then on the windows of Zara!If I had beige pices I’d give it a go…(because I have a couple of green tops)

    • Oh I’m a big fan of this combination! I already wore it many times, and I posted one of the outfits on my blog. I didn’t have many beige pieces before, but now my closet is full of them. It seems that I just can’t get enough! 🙂
      Love green and beige! Or green and purple!

  5. AA k ecu ellinida eicai? 😀
    Dn perimena ena toco wraio blog na anikei ce ellinida 😛
    btw vlepw oti exoume tic idiec govec ap t zara 😀
    Cou ekana follow mecw bloglovin 🙂

    • Nai, ellinida eimai k egw! 🙂
      S’euxaristw poli gia ta kala sou logia! Me sigineis! xixi 🙂
      Nai k egw to paratirisa me tis goves! Poli wraio zeugari…
      S’euxaristw k gia to follow..k egw mesw bloglovin’ sou ekana…

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