You can leave your hat on

26 May, 2011

DSC00599A few days ago while I was having a walk at the mall, I saw the perfect hat in a shop window. I rarely wear hats, but this year I decided to start wearing them more often. I was lucky because it was the only one left, and it suited me perfectly, so I bought it. The next day, I decided to build my outfit around it, and I really liked the result of it.

I went to the supermarket with my mum, and to lots of other stores, and I didn’t take it off at all. Luckily, not many people were looking at me (a lot less than I expected) and I felt happy happy happy! 🙂 It has exactly what I was looking for in a hat. It’s certain that I will be taking it with me at the beach too. I was so bored of my old cap hat anyway.

The day was once again sunny and hot, in fact too hot for jeans, but I haven’t put my summer clothes in my drawers yet. The weather is so weird, one moment it’s raining and the other it’s damn hot, it’s so easy to catch a cold. Plus, I’m not yet convinced that the summer is here. I’m too suspicious.

Wearing: Sfera Panama hat, Bershka tee, Morgan de Toi striped vest, Lee Jeans, Accessorize Belt, Killah peep toe flats, Esprit cuff watch, Donna Karan sunglasses and Penny Black bag.  On my nails: No.366 by GT Cosmetics.

Some of the pictures are a bit blurry, excuse me for this, but I wanted to show you some of the details too. It seems that even with a tripod you can’t always avoid taking blurry pics. I’ll try to keep them focused next time. Wish I had a DSLR camera, but I’m stuck with my cute little point-and-shoot for now.

So, did you like my hat? I really liked wearing and playing with it, and it seems that it already has some admirers except for me. I had to fight my boyfriend over it, hehe. I should find a similar one for him, or else he’s going to steal this from me, and this can’t happen! 😛

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21 comments on “You can leave your hat on

  1. Oh, I loved your hat and the whole outfit! You have an excellent taste, you know it!I’m very gladthat not so many people starred at you – I must confess, I looove hats, but I don’t have the courage to wear them here, apart from the winter, of course… that hat made the whole outfit sexier! And classy! I say these are pictures (I didn’t find them blurry at all!) and an outfit that you can find in top magazines! No joke! Well done, you do like like a model!!! (It’s really no j0ke!)

    • Thank you my sweet Denise! 🙂 I was afraid that many people would be looking at me too, but either they found it more natural than other things or I was too happy wearing it to notice it.
      I’m glad that you liked my outfit so much. I’m trying to improve my pictures, my poses and everything. I have a long way ahead of me but I know I will be better in the future.

  2. S euxaristw pl gia t kl s logia.exeis p wraio blog.fusika k s exw kanei hdh follow.t kapelo s paei para pl.super outfit m entupwsiaki zwnh k pl gluko gileko.

  3. Hi!! Thank you for your comment! I like your blog and what a lovely HAT you have! I have almost the same!!!
    Kisses from Greece, I will come back and follow you!

    • Thank you Vanda!
      Efoson eisai ap’tin Ellada mporoume na milame sta ellinika! 🙂 Tha xarw poli na se ksanadw sto blog m. Kai fisika tha xanaepiskeftw to diko sou.

  4. Cute outfit! The hat and sunglass combo makes the outfit look very celebrity on their day-off going incognito

    • hehe thank you S, I really liked your comment. I hadn’t thought of that. I really liked this look, the hat made this outfit a lot more special.

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