Black & red for the holidays | Outfits

Black & red for the holidays 7- outfit -

As promised, today I’m starting to give you some outfit ideas, or inspiration if you like for what you can wear for the holidays, that are quickly approaching. Starting with this ensemble, which is my favorite one from the 5 I’m going to show you in total. Red and black or black and red, is a very common combination for outfits every holiday season, and it’s one I like to follow myself. This is most likely the outfit I’m going to choose for Christmas day. You know how much I like to dress up! This dress is a recent find, and I absolutely love it. We took these photos, on the coldest and windiest day till then, and I was standing in the 7 degree weather, with 7bf wearing a sleeveless dress without a coat on, in order to take these photos. Everyone passing by slowed down and stared, but nothing stops me from taking my outfit photos for you guys. hehe I really hope you like it! Let me know, by leaving your comment below!

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Illusion | Outfits

outfit of the dayI got the inspiration for this outfit, from a latest streetstyle look of one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Nicole Warne, of Gary Pepper during Paris Fashion Week earlier this week. I immediately remembered all the different ways I was going to wear this scarf, when I first bought it, but then stuck to the usual (and obvious one!). This scarf is one of my favorite winter pieces, because it’s really warm and it instantly upgrades a look. Today, I decided to wear it as a belted cardigan, hence the “illusion” in the title. If you had seen it in real life, it looked like a long knitted cardigan from the front, but you got a surprise when looking from the back. 😉 What do you think?

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Valentine’s red | Outfits

tartan pencil skirtThis is an outfit that I’ve worn many times, more or less exactly the same; Yet none of them I got the chance to photograph it for the blog, so I thought, “hey, I should keep it as a Valentine’s Day outfit”. Well, I decided to wear it sooner than that, as an inspiration for the day, because yes, red is the color of VDay. What I didn’t realize, was that it would snow, and I wouldn’t have counted the days right, so I had to wear it and photograph it a day after it snowed. Yes, the snow melted, but the low temperatures stayed with us. So we took these photos in approximately 5’, before I get hypothermia, and then I got home and changed to something warmer. I never do that, because I like to show you what I actually wear outside, but I figured it isn’t cheating if I’ve worn it so many times before (I can count at least 3-4). So this outfit is purely for inspiration ladies. Have a fabulous Valentine’s Day tomorrow, lovebirds.

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Valentine’s Day | outfit inspiration

When you hear about Valentine’s Day you definitely think of red, hearts everywhere, red and RED. Well, wearing red on Valentine’s Day would be the obvious choice, but once in a while I get tired of the clichés and want to try something else. This is an outfit I would totally wear on Valentine’s Day: ladylike, elegant with the right amount of sexy. My red hair is all I need for the daily dosage of the color of love. But if you’re not a redhead, well, there’s always the option of red underwear, and sexy lace. Think about it!

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What to wear on Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day is near, I decided to make a post to give you some inspiration on what to wear that day! Either it’s a dinner out with your boyfriend, a date at home , or even going to an anti-Valentine’s Day party (I know there are lots of those out there every year), I hope this post helps you with the decision you have to make.

I prepared for you 3 inspirational outfits based, of course, on my personal liking.

So let’s start:

Outfit #1: Holy Tee- Martine mesh-insert stretch-jersey mini dress, Lanvin Amalia leather shoulder bag, Acne Pistol leather ankle boots, Assad Mounser Shine a Light gold-plated necklace.

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