In his closet

This year boyfriend jeans are totally in fashion, and I couldn’t believe how comfy they are, so I had to try them myself. I opted for boyfriend shorts instead, since it’s still summer and too hot to wear long jeans. And it’s true! They are so comfy that I could wear them every day, all day long.

I bought my pair on my vacation in Vienna, as I already told you, and I have already worn them so many times.

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My blue suede sandals

Remember this post where I showed you my birthday gifts? There was a pair of sandals by my brother’s wife. Unfortunately, they were too tight for my feet, so I had to change them. The good thing is that I found many things that I liked to replace them with, and I bought two of them: a maxi coral skirt and a pair of bright baby blue sandals. Perfect for the summer!

I haven’t worn the skirt yet, so no photos of it, but I took some pictures of the sandals. I paired them with some of my summer jewels, mostly bought from Greek islands a while back.

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