Anniversary dinner

1 August, 2011

DSC03012Some days ago, it was mine and my boyfriend’s anniversary. I won’t tell you how many years we are together, cause it doesn’t really matter to you, and I also want to keep something personal!

We took some pictures, but the quality of them was once again –sorry for the word- crappy! My camera is not that bad, but still, it’s a point and shoot one which means, lower quality pictures, especially night ones. I’m on the search to buy a DSLR camera, but the prices have gone up this last month.

Enough with the moaning now, I just wanted to apologize again and tell you that I wasn’t gonna publish them, but then I changed my mind, cause you can’t really see the bad quality in small collages! 🙂

So there you go.

Not having my sunglasses with me again (since it was late at night), I put my comic eyes and some sunglasses in the editing process of the pictures. If you are a frequent reader I’m sure you’d know by now that I never show my whole face. It doesn’t do much to hide my identity, but it’s a weirdness of mine.

If you’re wondering about the mark on my foot, this is the sunburn I was telling you about.

Wearing: Dress: Lynne, Belt: H&M (recent purchase), wedges: Bournazos (seen before here), bag: Miss Sixty, necklace, watch and bracelets: vintage. On my nails: Erre Due’s Exclusive no. 145 again.

What do you think?

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35 comments on “Anniversary dinner

  1. M., I loved the pictures, I loved the outfit and I loved the orange “glasses”! It gave me a smile when I saw them!
    First of all (OK… now second of all, sorry!), Happy anniversary! I’m sure many more will come!
    At first I thought it was a denim dress, but then I realized it was/is not… cause if it were, I’d have said I have a dress just like that! But no, mine is a denim one. Anyway, I loved your dress, the color and the fabric! I bet it’s super comfortable! You look so pretty, as usual!
    By the way, if you believe a bit in horoscopes, don’t buy a camera in August, please. Mercury will go retrograde from tomorrow up to the 26th. It’s not good to buy equipment now – car, laptop, cameras, mobiles… – and expect delays in trips and please don’t sign contracts this month! It’s maybe just a funny thing, but always when Mercury is retrogade things like these happen… at least I have seen them happening! But it’s maybe a silly thing!
    Have a great day and – ah! Your purse is also lovely!
    Polla filakia!

    • Hi Denise! Thank you so much for your lovely comment! 🙂 Aww I wont’ buy a camera till the 26th then, just to be sure. Luckily I don’t have any contracts to sign! So I’ll be fine in that field.
      Thank you so much for your wishes for my anniversary! The dress is quite comfortable, the only thing that bothers me a bit is that it’s strapless, and it keeps slipping down. You should wear your denim dress sometime on a post so I can see it. 🙂
      Have a nice day Denise! Filakia polla!

    • Really? I wasn’t sure whether I like it or not, but I decided to wear it, cause it matched the outfit. It was a gift, a few years back, and I haven’t wear it many times. Thank you so much! 🙂

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    • Thank you Deidre! Impressive? I think of my tan line as really annoying to be honest. And it’s so hard to get rid of it. It became too dark compared to the color of the rest of my skin.

  3. Na ta xiliasete! 🙂
    vre paidi mu pws kataferes na kaeis toso poly s ekeino to simeio? egw akomi palevw me enydatikes me to diko mu kapsimo… argoun poly ta atima!
    ps) ta mallia mu edeixnan etsi ap ton ilio!auti tin periodo prospathw na ta epanaferw sto fysiko tous klasiko kastano!

    • S’euxaristoume poli Penny! 🙂
      Ase, me to prwto mpanio egina etsi….Prepei na kaika ap tin ammo pou eixe kollisei panw sto podi mou otan vgika ap ti thalassa….diathlasi panw stin ammo, kai terastio kapsimo…eixa kai sto allo podi allo exisorropithike kapws…pleon to agnow…mavrisa kai ligo…elpizw na perasei sintoma…ontws argoun poli….
      Poli wraia ta mallia sou etsi pantws! Wraio fisiko xrwma!

  4. Congratulations honey! I hope you will be together as long as you’ re happy.
    I love your dress. you look beautiful.

  5. Happy anniversary! Your outfit is very cute, and I presume we have your boyfriend to thank for the photos! Good luck in the search for the DSLR, sorry to hear that the prices went up that sucks a bit.

    • Thank you very much Joanne! Yes, my boyfriend took the photos! He helps me with the outfit pics as much as he can. The rest of the times, I use a tripod and self timer to take my photos. I really hope that the prices fall again so I can buy one.

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