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Blue & chained 4- outfits - DoYouSpeakGossip.comLet’s welcome the first outfit post of July! These photos were taken a couple of weeks ago, when the girls and I went to an event of Lynne clothing store here in Thessaloniki, to check it out, and afterwards we took some photos as usual, and enjoyed our day together. For the occasion, I thought it would be suitable to wear one of my old Lynne dresses that I don’t think I’ve ever shown you here on the blog. It’s in a really bold color, and has a chain detail at the front, but apart from that it’s a really simple dress. Finished the look with silver accessories, a matching bag, and black open-toe pumps. What do you think?

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Valentine’s Day | outfit inspiration

When you hear about Valentine’s Day you definitely think of red, hearts everywhere, red and RED. Well, wearing red on Valentine’s Day would be the obvious choice, but once in a while I get tired of the clichés and want to try something else. This is an outfit I would totally wear on Valentine’s Day: ladylike, elegant with the right amount of sexy. My red hair is all I need for the daily dosage of the color of love. But if you’re not a redhead, well, there’s always the option of red underwear, and sexy lace. Think about it!

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1 outfit, 2 Shoe Saves

These outfit photos were taken a couple of days ago, when T. came to town and we went for a walk. We used to love to take the car and drive around town and then sit somewhere and talk for hours, but it’s something we didn’t have the chance to do for a long time. But now that his army duty is coming to an end, I think we’ll continue our little tradition. We missed our trips together, and we discussed about the next road trip we’ll take. He was my photographer for the day, and I really hope you enjoy these photos.

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Mom’s birthday party

Last week we celebrated my mom’s birthday, and I insisted on having a little gathering for her and her friends at our house. Of course I prepared many things for our friends to eat and drink. Today, I’m sharing them with you, together with the outfit I wore that night.

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