Casual B&W in the city | Outfits

Casual B&W in the city 4- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comLast week, the girls and I went to the opening of a fashion atelier here in Thessaloniki and since I wasn’t in the mood to be more dressed up, I decided to wear my striped sleeveless dress, my trusty satchel and a pair of flats. You rarely get to see me in flats because as I told you many times before this, I find them uncomfortable to walk in (I walk like a duck in them) and they give me the most terrible blisters of all my shoes. I risked it for this occasion, but after 2 hours, I was screaming for a pair of sandals or even better a pair of flip flops.

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Outfit of the day at TIF | Outfits

This outfit is a bit “old”, like 2 weeks old, but on my defense, I was on vacation, and I wanted to do those posts first, plus T. is having some busy couple of weeks, and we stick some outfit photos whenever we have a chance (or should I say whenever we actually manage to meet between these busy weeks). These ones were taken shortly after our vacation, on the last day of Thessaloniki’s International Fair aka TIF Helexpo. I needed to be casual dressed to be able to do a lot of walking, and wear a longer sleeve, because it gets chilly at nightfall. Loved the place, but not so sure about the photos… What do you think?

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Blue, white and pink skies | Outfit post

Hello to everyone, I hope you had a great weekend. My weekend was full of rain, as Fall made its first appearance. But before the weather took a bad turn, we managed to photograph a few more of my outfits, with T. You’ll see them all when the time comes, but this week is almost completely dedicated to Vancouver Fashion Week, and my priority is to write a few posts about it. But we’ll get back to that, soon. This is the 2nd outfit I wore to spend the day with T. I desperately needed to save these sandals, according to the Shoeper Shoe Challenge by that I’m taking part in, so I wore them with a pretty casual outfit, to tone them down. Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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Summer Sunsets | Outfit post

A few days ago my friend S., who studies abroad, (do you remember telling you about her, last summer in Vienna?) and I, went for an afternoon coffee, on the spot I told you about on a previous post. She was in Greece for vacation, but spent most of her days on an island camping, but when she returned, she called me wanting to meet me. She’s one of my dearest friends. Despite studying abroad, and no matter how many miles separate us, we always talk and always meet when she’s in town. She feels like a sister to me.  And it’s one of the friendships I value the most! She only stayed in town for a day before she left for Germany again to study, but we managed to find some time for a coffee and some catching up! I always like to make time on my schedule (no matter how busy it can be at times), for my friends, especially good ones!

Before we reach our destination I asked her to take some pictures of me and my outfit for the blog. It’s always nice to have someone do it for you, instead of using a self-timer. The result left me speechless. She did such a great job with the photos…They were exactly as I wanted them to be, and even more! I hope you like them as much as I did.

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The shirt dress

I’ve been wanting to buy a shirt dress since last year, when I saw some pictures of Vanessa Hudgens rocking one of those. A simple summer shirt dress to wear it with a belt and flat sandals. So, I was really happy when I found exactly what I was looking for during my trip to Vienna, at the local H&M. And it also happened to be sales period, so I bought it for only 7euros!!! Score!!!

However, I wasn’t able to wear it till now, cause summer in Greece is scorching hot, and the shirt has ¾ sleeves. So when we had a few cold and rainy days about a week ago, was the perfect chance for me to wear it.

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