Out of the blue

29 August, 2011

I know that I showed you the same bag and shoes just a few days ago, but in my defense, they were forgotten somewhere in my closet all summer (and of course all winter too) so they needed to get out and play.

Also, in my previous post, I promised to show you the dress I was wearing in Chalkidiki, so here it is too.

I hope you like them, as much as I do.

Wearing: Karisma dress (bought from N.Marmaras the last time I went just for the weekend), D&G Lily bag and D&G shoes. Donna Karan sunglasses, vintage necklace, Michael Kors watch and Hakuna Matata bracelet (no idea why the vendors call them like that). My fingernails are still pearly blue here, by GT Cosmetics nail polish no. 10, and toenails, painted yellow by GT Cosmetics no. 13.

The dress used to have straps attached to it, but I took them off cause I didn’t like them, and I preferred it as a strapless. I bought it from a local store, for just 10euros from 21, can you believe it? And it’s so comfortable and soft. I really liked the colors of it too. You can wear it with almost every color.

All photos taken by my bf T. Thank you sweetie! 🙂

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41 comments on “Out of the blue

  1. Wow! You should go wearing the bag and the shoes as long as you want, because they are gooooorgeous! Color AND style! Do you mind if I buy a bag just a bit similar to yours? In purple, not patent leather, and with 5 zippers – I’m considering it, cause it’s an investment, you know – it’s expensive (I regret I put my D&G items in one of the “famous” boxes that still are in Germany… but what can I do, too late now). I figured out that this bag is very good to travel, with each of the 3 detached parts good for organizing things! Well, as I said, I’m only considering…
    I loved the necklace, it looks soooo classy! And what to say about the dress??? Lovely, looovely, and for 10 euros? Fantastic! I once had an invitation to stay some 2 months in Salonica, can you believe it? I think I should, because you always show us so beautiful things you bought there!!!!
    I read your blog yesterday, but because I have a stomach bug since then, I slept most of the time to get stronger and decided to comment today… I’m still in bed… 🙁
    (Well, maybe it’s good!!! Who can stay in bed for 2 days!!!!?)
    I hope you are fine and again, you look really so, but sooo pretty in these latest pictures! Filakia polla!!!!

    • Oh my dear Denise, thank you sooo much for all your lovely comments.
      Of course I don’t mind, you can buy whatever you like. I bought this bag 2 years ago, and it’s bigger than my usual bags, and that’s why I don’t wear it that much. It had others with 5 zippers too, but they were even bigger. It’s a pity you left your D&G items in Germany. When are you going to take those with you?
      The necklace was my mother’s. Lately, I’ve been wearing more and more of her old jewelry. I found a box with them, and took the ones I liked. 🙂 I bought the dress in Chalkidiki, at a local store, and the owner lowered the price because he knew me. But it was already low.
      If you ever want to come to Salonica, you have an open invitation from me…It would be lovely to meet you in person, and get to know you better, and you could even stay at my house. 🙂 That way, we can go shopping together, and I’ll show you my favourite stores…hehe
      I’m sorry to hear about the stomach bug, I hope you feel better soon.
      I was worried when I saw you hadn’t written anything at your blog, but I thought you had other things to do.
      Thank you for taking the time to comment on my post! I always smile when I read your sweet comments! Filakia polla!!! 🙂

  2. Thank you M. I sort of found a new place; i hope the paperwork works out and I can move soon!
    I really like this dress!I think patterned dresses like this are perfect for the hot temperatures as they are so impressive on their own right?

  3. Darling, You have always so amazing accessories and You add them to wonderful clothes which makes your whole look styled up so chic.
    Wow! 10 euros? I can’t believe! That dress are gorgeous. Thats why I love bargains, because you can never tell actual price for what they have been purchased, but the look is million dollar.
    Enjoy your lovely Summer days!

    xoxo Ra

    • Thank you so much Chrysa! I think too that it was the right decision. I really dislike small straps in such dresses. They would annoy me. But I kept them just in case. The bag and the shoes I wore them again in a previous post.

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