In the woods

8 October, 2011

A few days ago, T. and I went to the nearest woods to take some test photos with my new camera. With only a few minutes before the sunset, and given the fact that there were trees all around us blocking most of the light, we did our best. Promise to take even better photos next time, in a more proper time.

Do you remember this place?

I took my pictures for the “Forest full of plane trees” post last time I was here. Too sad to see that most of the trees have lost their leaves and fall is finally here for good. The colors of the trees aren’t so bright anymore.

I was wearing:
Top: Bershka
Vest: United Colors of Benetton
Jeans: Lee
Bag: Minelli
Flats: Minelli
Sunnies: Donna Karan
Necklace: vintage
Bracelet: oxette

I told you that one of my favourite colors for cooler temperatures is grey. This is my proof.

At least I kept a bright note with my fingernails. It’s mint green no. 366 by GT Cosmetics again. And yep, it’s more than two weeks old. They didn’t chip at all as you can see. They just grew, but they’re in a perfect condition. I thank Mavala’s Mavadry for this. Of course these pics were taken a few days back, so now I took it off to let the nails breathe before I paint them again.

This pic was taken at the same time as the other ones. No I didn’t stay in the woods till midnight, I promise. It would be creepy. It’s because of the flash. See?

Without flash (up) – with flash (down). I prefer the ones without flash but the quality difference is huge.

What do you think?

Hopefully the pics will become much better. Just getting to know my new camera. It’ll take some time.

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Till next time, have lots of fun!

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62 comments on “In the woods

  1. I came here in the morning to see if you had posted something and there was no post, but as I know every 3 days there’s an amazing post, I came back again – and I was lucky, veeeery nice pictures!
    Amazing quality, and I must say, I didn’t see any difference in quality from “with flash/without flash” – but because of the daylight, I prefer the ones without flash, then!
    I liked the forest pictures before, and now too! Most of all, I loved your outfit and the color, and it suits fall so much! The nails are as usual perfect and the shoes, w-o-w! I looove them! And this, without being such a fan of flats, but yours have such a great touch! I’m kind of changing, cause I bought some “low heel” pair of shoes last week (the ones by Irregular Choice. Through internet, hope they fit, let’s see!)
    And one more thing: your hair looks amazing, very beautiful – well, you are beautiful and always look so! Filakia polla! (Wishing you a very nice weekend!)
    Denise recently posted..More pink shoesMy Profile

    • Hello my dear Denise! Yes, you’re right, every 3 days. Sometimes every 2. I don’t want to post more often, because I’ll run out of things to say really soon. And I want to write systematically, so my readers know when I’ll post next.
      Thank you so much for your nice words again. They mean everything to me. Your comments are always a pleasure to read. And your posts too of course. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to come by your blog these last days, but I’ll come asap. I’m in and out of house all the time these days.
      I don’t usually like flats too, but this is my favourite pair of flats. I have others too, but they keep giving me blisters. I have to buy more normal height heels, even though I don’t find them beautiful, cause I have either flats or really high heeled pairs. I hope the ones you bought fit nicely.
      I’m glad you like my hair. hehe I need a haircut really soon, and I need to touch up my highlights too. It’s been 6 months since the last time.
      I sent you an email today. I need a favour from you. If it’s not a lot to ask. Let me know!
      Lots of kisses, and have a pleasant weekend. 🙂

    • Thank you so much for telling me, cause I didn’t it the first time! And I just that you followed my blog, thank you very much. I’ll follow you back! 🙂

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