White feathers

18 November, 2011

Hello my lovely readers. Today is Friday, and I know that you’re really excited that one more week is coming to an end. Only 5 weeks until Christmas. Yayyy! But still really soon….I’m not ready for Christmas trees and decorations yet.

Anyway, as you may have guessed, this post is once again about an outfit I wore a few weeks ago, while I was on my trip to Nafplio. I’m sure my frequent readers must be fed up by now, from reading about it, again and again. I’m so sorry about that. I know that I could have post them all in one week and get over with it, but there were more than 1000 photos to choose from, edit, and write the texts for the posts. So it’s not at all an easy job. Plus, I wanted to somehow prolong my trip in this way.

This post is one of my favourites on the blog so far, I’m really excited about the photos and the location of them, so here they are, for you to see and comment on.

Stradivarius top (previously seen here), Lussile turtleneck (underneath it), Dolce & Gabbana pants, Donna Karan sunglasses, D&G bag, local shop boots (Largenti), Michael Kors watch and vintage necklace.

Click on the pics to enlarge

These pics were taken on 28th of October, which is a national holiday here in Greece, and the streets were full of people, with nowhere to sit for a cup of coffee or a bite to eat. The sun was shining, and it was a really beautiful and warm day. In fact, too warm for what I was wearing (I did some layering, judging from the previous colder days), if I was standing under the sun, and not somewhere shady. T. made fun of me and my fur/feathered-like blouse by calling me sheep the whole time. Hehe… Although I think he was joking, and in fact he loved it. 🙂 Right T.?

Leaving you with a close up of my accessories, and my favourite photo of all! Hope you like it.

On my nails: GT Cosmetics No. 357 (glitter rose gold)

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32 comments on “White feathers

  1. Soooo gorgeous! So elegant, ladylike (as usual!), I loved the outfit! The sweater is fabulous and I must confess, when I saw how sunny it was, and considering that when I went to Greece it was January, 16 degrees (hot for the rest of Europe!), I imagined how it was in October! But then you wrote it was cold before and that it was a bit warm later… I can understand, it happens all the time (here, until December, at least).
    Your readers can’t be fed up of seeing Nafplio, I am not! In fact, when I read what you wrote to me, saying that you would post more Nafplio pictures today, I came here eager to see them!
    What about that fantastic sea? I love the sea (I know you do, too)! My favorite picture is number 6, the one you are walking and looking a bit “sided” to the camera. Very very beautiful, for a fashion magazine!!!
    Well, I definitely have to include Nafplio on my “Greek list”! Thanks for the suggestion!
    Now you are Nafplio’s most beautiful ambassador!
    Really great pics, a great trip and fantastic outfits there… it’s a pleasure to see all of these things!
    Filakia polla!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Denise recently posted..Britney Bow Detail Heeled ShoesMy Profile

    • It was about time to reply to your comment. I’m so late at my replies lately…Actually I’m late in everything. I feel so damn tired. And I think I’m coming down with a cold. Just perfect. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.
      Anyway, thank you so much for your comment, once again. Even though one thank you can never describe my excitement when I read your lovely comments. I’m so grateful for your friendship! I smiled when I saw the beautiful ambassador compliment. .. hehe
      I’m happy I managed to put Nafplio on your Greek list, cause it’s a really beautiful city, so picturesque. It was the first capital of Greece. Before Athens.
      Many many kisses to you! See you soon! 🙂

  2. 1) Poli wraires photo! 2) Leuko – mavro, old time classic alla panta idanikos xrwmatikos sindiasmos kai 3) To malliara mplouzakia m’aresoun poli poli kai 4) kala kaneis kai epimikineis ta taksidi sou sto nauplio giati einai apo tis omorfoteres kai pio agapimenes poleis 🙂
    shoelazzo recently posted..ATHENS’ STEPSMy Profile

    • Maria mou, einai apo ta Stradivarius, to grafw kai sto post opws panta. Alla den to eida se mavro distixws…Isws omws na vreis…exei ena mina pou to pira pantws…
      S’euxaristw poli gia ta kala sou logia! 🙂

  3. I am beyond jealous that you were in Greece. Six years ago I spent my honeymoon touring the islands and it was by far the most beautiful place I have ever been to. I love your sweater and purse! 🙂

  4. Thank you all for your lovely comments! I’m glad you liked this outfit, and the beautiful scenery on the background! As I told you, this was one of my favourite posts so far.
    Wait for the new post in a few minutes, and don’t forget to comment.

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