Never too late for a bit of burgundy

I just realized that I’m way too late on my posting about my outfits, because I already have 3-4 more in the waiting, and this one was shot almost one month ago. :/  That’s not good. I actually managed to take quite a few outfit photos this past month, and I didn’t have the time to edit them, or write about them, so now I’ll have to show you some “outdated” ones on my next posts. You’ll understand when you see them!

Anyway, I chose this outfit for a night out at the movies, when I watched “Sherlock Holmes 2: A game of shadows”.

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Lucky Stripe

Alternative title: Gone with the wind! Seriously, this was one of the most windy days, hence the crazy-all-over-my-face hair. I couldn’t keep them down for long. Apart from that it was a really sunny and beautiful day, if you were standing under the sun. Otherwise, in the shade, it was really cold. Luckily I was under the sun most of the time, so I didn’t get too cold.

Anyway, my bf finished his basic military training after a few weeks in the army, and they took their vows (I really don’t know what is called in English, so excuse me for that) and this is where I was, when I was wearing this outfit. I wore something really simple and casual, as I wanted to be comfortable, because I knew I was going to be out of the house the whole day.

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One-day trip to Kavala

I promised you I’ll be back with some photos of my trip to Kavala, Greece, so here I am. Ready to share with you more than enough photos of this trip! Since a lot of you asked, I included some more photos of the place. And I also have the outfit of the day to share with you! It’s a really casual one, but here we go:

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Having fun at the playground

at the playground 4It took me months but I finally convinced my boyfriend to take some shots of me for the blog. So we drove to a small playground, and we took some pictures of each other while having fun. I like going to playgrounds from time to time, they remind of how amusing and carefree everything was when we were kids. Now everything’s different.

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