Preveza vacation – Day 1 | Travel

As most of you know, I didn’t go anywhere this summer so I was happy to book a short vacation in the middle of September for a change. Me and T. travelled to prefecture of Preveza, Greece, and spent some days visiting the nearby cities. I’m not going to write about our hotel here, because I’m thinking of doing a review post, if anyone’s interested, so I’m going straight to the rest of Day 1. After 4+ hours of travelling from Thessaloniki, we reached the hotel at noon tired, so we decided to go to the city of Preveza later that afternoon. It was too sunny to take more decent photos but I did my best. I wore a super casual outfit to travel and I decided to keep the same for our walk through the city. We were planning to return to the city of Preveza in the next days as well, but we didn’t have enough time. Check out the photos and the labels underneath them. And stay tuned for Day 2 on Friday.

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One-day trip to Kavala

I promised you I’ll be back with some photos of my trip to Kavala, Greece, so here I am. Ready to share with you more than enough photos of this trip! Since a lot of you asked, I included some more photos of the place. And I also have the outfit of the day to share with you! It’s a really casual one, but here we go:

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