What to wear on Valentine’s Day

12 February, 2012

As Valentine’s Day is near, I decided to make a post to give you some inspiration on what to wear that day! Either it’s a dinner out with your boyfriend, a date at home , or even going to an anti-Valentine’s Day party (I know there are lots of those out there every year), I hope this post helps you with the decision you have to make.

I prepared for you 3 inspirational outfits based, of course, on my personal liking.

So let’s start:

Outfit #1: Holy Tee- Martine mesh-insert stretch-jersey mini dress, Lanvin Amalia leather shoulder bag, Acne Pistol leather ankle boots, Assad Mounser Shine a Light gold-plated necklace.

The first outfit consists of a simple LBD with mesh insert, a statement necklace, pistol ankle boots, and a simple black bag, worn as a clutch. To tell you the truth, this outfit is exactly as I saw it on NAP because I really loved how they styled this dress. I have a similar one in faded burgundy with the same mesh details, and I’m planning to wear it in a similar way next time. To complete the outfit, wear black opaque tights 50-100den.

Outfit #2: Michael Kors Stretch wool-crepe dress, Brian Atwood Claudia embroidered suede pumps, Diane von Furstenberg Lytton python-effect leather box clutch, Kenneth Jay Lane 22-karat gold-plated necklace.

The 2nd outfit includes brighter and colorful pieces, such as the fuchsia dress and the turquoise embroidered pumps. Both amazing pieces in my opinion, and they will look great together. I know the prices are a bit over the top, but the purpose of these collages is to inspire you. So I want you to pay more attention to the colors and the styles than the specific objects and their prices.

Outfit #3: Maje One-shoulder jersey-crepe dress, Miu Miu Suede sandals, Emilio Pucci Python box clutch, Yves Saint Laurent Arty gold-plated glass ring (other color), Aurélie Bidermann Asclepios 18-karat gold-plated necklace.

The 3rd outfit also has the color-blocking theme, but it’s more season-friendly, based on the colors used. I really like the combination of navy blue, orange and gold, and I think it would look perfect in any outfit!

These were my suggestions for the day! I believe that nothing can go wrong with a simple all-black or color-blocking ensemble, as far as you don’t mix too many colors together. Use these as your inspiration, find the pieces you like in the colors you prefer, and wear them together to create your own unique style. And I assure you that all eyes will be on you (in a good way!). Either they’re your boyfriend’s or others’ from the places you’ll go.

To those of you who celebrate it, I wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day! This year, I won’t be one of you, as my boy is away, but every day is a perfect chance to celebrate with your love. Don’t have to wait till February the 14th every year to celebrate your relationship! Be creative! And express your love in any way you can, every chance you get. Life’s too short, enjoy it! 😉

P.S. I have a surprise for you, probably on the next post, so stay tuned, and follow me any way you can to stay updated.

Have a great day!


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45 comments on “What to wear on Valentine’s Day

  1. wow an k to prwto outfit einai perissotero tou style pou m aresei, to deutero einai tosoooo omorfo!!! uperoxo forema-logw ths toso wraias fouxias apoxrwshs tou, kai to clutch theiko!! oso gia ta pappoutsia trelenomai gia to xrwma, m thumizei paralies k foinikes kai cocktail alla h leptomereia sto pisw meros tou pappoutsiou den m poluaresei, gia kapoio logo xalaei thn chic aisthitikh tou pappoutsiou..
    Marianne M. recently posted..InspirationMy Profile

    • Xairomai pou sou aresan! Emena mou arese pio poli to prwto kai to 2o…To prwto einai pio aplo, kai monoxrwmo alla to 2o exei toso omorfa xrwmata kai mou aresei auti i antithesi tous! Ta papoutsia kai mena stin arxi den mou areze poli to takouni, alla telika ta sinithisa optika kai twra mou aresoune poli giati einai poli idiaitera…Krima na’nai toso ma toso akriva.

    • Thank you! I’m happy you liked them. I can’t choose a favourite. I really liked all of them!
      As for the Valentine celebration, I won’t have one this year, as my boy is away, doing his mandatory military service. But it’s ok.
      I hope you have a fantastic Valentine’s Day though! 🙂

  2. I love your suggestions! I know I love bright colors, but this time I guess I will choose outfit number 1 – well, I would add that amazing ring from outfit number 3! Anyway, I loved the 3 dresses, the blue one with one shoulder – loooovely!
    As you said, Valentine’s Day this year will be without T. for you – but just because of distance, cause I know you two are linked by love and love is an everyday celebration, just like you said! So, I am sure you two will exchange lovely messages tomorrow!
    And as I am very hectic, I am leaving now – you imagine how much I have to do today!!!! But I knew there was a new post and I was curious to read it! Also, I am very curious about the new post! (Yes, you got me curious!!!!!)
    Filakia pollaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!
    Denise recently posted..Sweet Sunday on the beach – Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 128 plus Inspiration MondayMy Profile

    • I know how stressed you must be these days, so thank you very much for coming here to read my post. It’s always a pleasure to read your comments, so thank you for giving some of your precious time to me and my blog!
      Of course I’m happy that you liked the outfit suggestions. I loved all 3, but #1 is really beautiful, that’s why I put it exactly as I found it on NAP.
      It would be strange to celebrate this day without T. as we always get together, for a private dinner or something similar, but at least I saw him for a few hours yesterday and I couldn’t be happier. Maybe we’ll have a chance for that dinner the next time he comes. 🙂
      Filakia polla sweety! And please, don’t be stressed. I’m sure you’ll have plenty of time to do everything.

  3. It would be much better if you just wear those comfortable clothing that best suits you and your choice. Anyway you are going to be with your love one so he/she can accept the whole you and that is with what you wear. Never the less if you want some concept then it is okay also.

  4. Ωραίες προτάσεις γλυκιά μου 🙂
    Εγώ θα διάλεγα σίγουρα την 3η για μένα γιατί είμαι fan του μπλε!!!

    Πολλά φιλάκια

  5. an kai to prwto mou aresei para polu tha parw to deftero gt opws kai na to kanoume,den sugrinete to mavro me to fouks <3 ase ki egw paratrixa tha giortasw fetos,tha mas kratousan ta xionia makria alla ta kataferame <3
    marissa recently posted..Bow-tie wannabeMy Profile

    • Nai exeis dikio! Kai mena mou arese para poli to prwto alla to 2o einai toso fwteino kai xaroumeno pou to protimw!
      Tixeroi eiste! Xronia sas polla! Elpizw na perasete teleia simera! Egw ton eida proxthes kai se 2 evdomades pali…Den peirazei…Tha giortasoume ligo kathisterimena!

  6. Beautiful outfits! The first one is love at first sitght for me!
    The necklace is stunning!
    Even with your boyfriend away, I wish you to celebrate love everyday (as you have already said) 🙂
    p.s: sorry for not reading your posts on time this period of time, but it’s a crazy period for us 🙁
    Can’t wait for your surprise!
    shoelazzo recently posted..MONDAY I’M IN LOVEMy Profile

    • Don’t worry, I understand! Thank you for coming here to read my posts, even with all the things you have to do lately! It means a lot to me!
      Happy Valentine’s Day to you too! I don’t know if you celebrate it or not. Kind of a lonely Valentine’s this year for me. But it’s ok, I got a cute little cake and shared it with my mom and grandma. It was delicious! hehe

  7. i love the first set. even though it’s all black the outfit has great details like the side of the dress, the necklace, and i just love those boots!

  8. Happy Valentine’s day even if you are not celebrating tonight- I m not either because of work but that’s ok I suppose!
    I would go for the black dress as I assume it’s sth you could wear even at work and then get ready quickly for a nice ready wearing nicer shoes and accessories 🙂
    ps) wraio to kainurio styl sto blog!

    • Exeis dikio to prwto einai i kaliteri epilogi gia auto!
      Ti na kanoume fetos tin perasame mones ti mera! Tou xronou pali!
      Thank you! Alla ti ennoeis? Gia to neo header ‘i kati allo?

        • A! Twra to katalava ti ennoouses! 🙂
          Nai to ekana etsi gia na fortwnoune pio grigora oi kentrikes selides!
          Thank you!
          Pare meros sto giveaway gia tis BB cream tis Garnier an thes… Gemisa atoma pou den kserw kan simera ekei, ase! :/ Panikos, den prolavainw na kanw tipota allo!

  9. Call Me M……….. I like outfit number 3, love the combination of the color and what a lovely necklace.

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