Pop of pastel | Outfits

Pop of pastel 5- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comI wore this outfit a couple of days ago to meet with T. It was a kinda inspiration-of-the-moment outfit, where I combined, some of my gifts, that I’ve been wanting to wear since I got them. We took these pictures between light-rain showers’ intermissions. Not long after we finished, it started raining for good, and we got pretty much wet. But it felt refreshing after the hot days we’ve been having lately.

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New in | Easter gifts

New in - Easter gifts - DoYouSpeakGossip.comHello everybody! I hope that everyone who celebrated Easter yesterday had an amazing time. I realized, that not many of you will be around today, so I didn’t want to post an outfit, so let’s see some of my new ins (most of which are gifts) and we’ll go back to the outfit posting on Wednesday. Last week, I had a really special guest at my house. My blogger friend Denise came to my town in Greece, to spend some time together, and tour the city, and she brought with her so many beautiful gifts for me. I can’t thank her enough. They are all amazing! The rest are gifts from my godmother, and a little something by me. I’ll write down the brands, and gifts, at the end of the post.

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What to wear on Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day is near, I decided to make a post to give you some inspiration on what to wear that day! Either it’s a dinner out with your boyfriend, a date at home , or even going to an anti-Valentine’s Day party (I know there are lots of those out there every year), I hope this post helps you with the decision you have to make.

I prepared for you 3 inspirational outfits based, of course, on my personal liking.

So let’s start:

Outfit #1: Holy Tee- Martine mesh-insert stretch-jersey mini dress, Lanvin Amalia leather shoulder bag, Acne Pistol leather ankle boots, Assad Mounser Shine a Light gold-plated necklace.

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