Classic with a twist

10 April, 2012

I know it’s been weeks since I’ve shown you my new pair of flats, from, and told you that I’ve already worn it for the first time. But I had so many posts scheduled (in my mind) for you, that I had to postpone the actual outfit post of that day. Now it’s finally the time to reveal it, and I really hope you like it. I wore it in one of the first days of spring (before the return of the chilly weather), but I kept my tights and my blazer on, cause I knew that this early spring weather can be tricky, and you can catch a cold in no time. The occasion was a lunch out with some family friends (not my age), that lasted for many hours, but I had a really good time, as I usually do  in such events. I chose to wear flats, because we were near the beach and I wanted to be comfortable.

Eve of Eden striped blazer, Sarah Lawrence dress, D&G bag, Café Noir flats via, Donna Karan sunglasses, vintage necklace, Esprit watch, and D&G studded bracelet.

I brought this blazer with me from Sweden a few years ago, and I love its stripes, and its light pink lining. I have a think for pretty linings.

And here’s a close-up of the accessories:

A vintage necklace from my mom’s jewellery box, which I had shown you again here… And one of my favorite bracelets, a D&G one with pyramid studs…

As for my manicure! It was supposed to be a snakeskin one, but didn’t go as planned. My mistake… It was better in person, but still not as good as I wanted. The middle finger was quite good though, and I’m planning to do it again some time with other colors to make it more obvious.

P.S. I wanna thank my cousin for taking these pics, as I was running terribly late, and didn’t have enough time to take them by myself.

See you next time! I have a pastel themed post ready for you! You’re gonna love it! 🙂


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32 comments on “Classic with a twist

  1. Πάντα ένα κλασσικό outfit κερδίζει εντυπώσεις με την κομψότητα που του δίνεις! Υπέροχη! Οι μπαλαρίνες ταίριαξαν γάντι! 🙂

    Kisses xx
    Kate V recently posted..Colour BlockingMy Profile

    • Thank you so much Steph! I saw a Youtube video a long time ago, and wanted to try it. The colors I chose weren’t so good for the snakeskin effect because they were glittery, and you couldn’t see the effect so much. So next time, I’ll try something else.
      There are a lot of videos, and tutorials, but I followed this one:

  2. Oh, three posts for me to come here, finally! You know I don’t like to miss your posts, but I know you understood the reasons!
    Now Easter – for me – is done, and I feel better. Special dates make me feel a bit more sensitive, and I know it’s the same with you. Easter for you is approaching… but I know you will be with your family and this is great!
    Many thanks for the lovely messages… they really helped me!!! 🙂 (Million times thanks, really!)
    Now to the amaaaaaaaaazing pictures! You know I think you are very elegant – the elegance in person, in fact, and very stylish! Yes, because I have a friend who only buys elegant pieces, but she never looks elegant, I don’t know why. You, on the contrary, have elegant items AND always look elegant! You know how to wear things!
    I loved the whole outfit! And the way you wore and matched altogether. Necklace, bracelet, blazer, sweeeet shoes! The dress is awesome too! And the nails? What for a great color! I’m wearing again the pink one you gave to me, and again it lasted! Amazing!
    So now I feel better, finally I could feel OK enough to comment again!
    Filakia poooollaaaaaaaaaaaa and thanks for all, always!
    Denise recently posted..This, that and moreMy Profile

    • Of course I understood the reasons, and of course your life comes first. Blogs and comments can wait. Thank you so much for sending me those emails. I really wished I could be with you! And I’m so glad you’re feeling better now.
      hehe You’re making me blush every time with your sweet comments. Really! I don’t know if I’m that elegant, but thank you so much for saying so! My looks are more classic, and feminine sometimes, since I was a teenager, I knew what I liked and how I wanted to dress. And I have a thing for matchy matchy outfits which I think that my mother passed to me. The manicure actually consists of 2 colors (or even 3 on some nails). But they are all glittery, and the result wasn’t the one I expected. It’s okay, I’ll do it better next time. I’m so glad that the nail polish I sent you lasted more than your usual ones. So I guess it is partly because of the nail polish! I’ve already used two of the ones you sent me, and they both lasted more than a week on me. Of course while using a base coat, and a top (fast drying) coat. It really helps.
      Filakia polla! You’re so sweet, but you don’t have to thank me all the time. You know that I consider you a friend, and that’s what friends do for each other. Wish I could do more! 🙂

  3. I remember the post you did on these flats. They look nice. Your right spring weather is so unpredictable.

  4. So stunning. Adore this post, love. Thanks so much for sharing & for your sweet comment. If you get a sec, I’d love to hear your thoughts on my latest. xo

  5. Υπεροχο το φορεμα και νομιζω οτι με τις μπαλαρινες εδεσε καταπληκτικα!
    Σου πηγε απιστευτα!
    Να εχεις ενα υπεροχο Πασχα και Καλη Ανασταση!

    Φιλια πολλα

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