Classic with a twist

I know it’s been weeks since I’ve shown you my new pair of flats, from, and told you that I’ve already worn it for the first time. But I had so many posts scheduled (in my mind) for you, that I had to postpone the actual outfit post of that day. Now it’s finally the time to reveal it, and I really hope you like it. I wore it in one of the first days of spring (before the return of the chilly weather), but I kept my tights and my blazer on, cause I knew that this early spring weather can be tricky, and you can catch a cold in no time. The occasion was a lunch out with some family friends (not my age), that lasted for many hours, but I had a really good time, as I usually do  in such events. I chose to wear flats, because we were near the beach and I wanted to be comfortable.

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