New in | white Converse all-star sneakers

white Converse all starsI’ve wanted a pair of white Converse all-star sneakers for over a year now, but I couldn’t find them in my size, and I kept postponing it. So when I bought the other 2 pairs of shoes back in February, I not only found these in my size, but also on sale. And of course I had to have them. I haven’t worn my old all-star pair a lot, because they’re high tops and they’re not so comfortable for me, plus they run kind of big. Well, these ones turned out to also run big (I should start ordering the 37 on these) but nothing an insole can’t fix. So I got these in white this time, because I think they’d be perfect for spring & summer. I haven’t worn them yet, but honestly I can’t wait. I know they’re not something you haven’t seen before, on the contrary, but all shoes deserve their share under the spotlight. Happy Monday! 🙂

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Classic with a twist

I know it’s been weeks since I’ve shown you my new pair of flats, from, and told you that I’ve already worn it for the first time. But I had so many posts scheduled (in my mind) for you, that I had to postpone the actual outfit post of that day. Now it’s finally the time to reveal it, and I really hope you like it. I wore it in one of the first days of spring (before the return of the chilly weather), but I kept my tights and my blazer on, cause I knew that this early spring weather can be tricky, and you can catch a cold in no time. The occasion was a lunch out with some family friends (not my age), that lasted for many hours, but I had a really good time, as I usually do  in such events. I chose to wear flats, because we were near the beach and I wanted to be comfortable.

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