My month in pics – July 2012

30 July, 2012

July has almost come to an end! It was a great month for me, as it started with my return from Chios Island, and included a week in Chalkidiki with my bf, cousin, and friends.

Let’s see some of the highlights of the month.

July included some really casual and some really dressy outfits for me. I wore and managed to post 8 outfits this month, which is a good number for me.

To see the specific posts I wore these outfits in, click on the links below.

From left to right and horizontally:

July wasn’t a very good month as far as my Shoeper Shoe Challenge by goes, though:

I only managed to officially save 3 pairs of shoes (although I’ve saved a few more but I didn’t make a post about them yet.

From left to right: Shoe Save #12: Aslanis heels from Spartoo, Shoe Save #14 no name plastic flat sandals and #13: Zara color block flat sandals (similar here). You’ll have to wait till August to see my latest shoe saves, but still, the number of the ones I have to save is quite big. I hope I manage to save them all. If you have no idea what I’m talking about just click here to read the rules, and maybe take the Shoeper Shoe Challenge yourself.

July was full of posts about my vacation to Chios. I mean, apart from a few posts at the start of the month when I wrote about this month’s wishlist, and my Shoes Collection, almost every single post was about Chios. I know many of my readers loved it, but I’m sorry if I tired anyone with these posts in the meanwhile.

Here’s a collage of my vacation to Chios.

In case you missed those posts, and you’re interested in reading them, here are the links to them:

Here are some of the stuff that came home with us.

Click on the photo to see more details

– Local products of Chios, like Mastiha Liqueur, mastiha sweet with rose petals, marmalade with Chios’ tangerines, Strawberry Marmalade, lemon marzipans, and delights (loukoumi) with Chios’ mastiha. All, gift from my cousin…
– The most perfect sweet from Chios: masourakia. You have to try them if you ever visit Chios, and I definitely recommend Avgoustakis’. They are by far the best.
– Of course I couldn’t leave those macarons behind, when I went to buy masourakia. They were so fresh and delicious.

These were only the things we brought home for us. But we didn’t only bring stuff for us, but also for our friends and family. Local products for all….

Just before I end this post, I wanted to share with you one more photo.

Our airplane tickets from our return to Thessaloniki. Of course I had to hide my last name, but as you can see there was no need to hide my first name. Because, yes, they only wrote M on my ticket! It was so strange because they wrote my mother’s full name on hers, and mine was just M. I had to show you! hehe

I was thinking about posting a few photos from my vacation to Chalkidiki last week, but I decided to delay it, and write a post dedicated to it.

So what do you think about this month in pics?

Write me your comments below!


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29 comments on “My month in pics – July 2012

    • Thank you so much!! I’m glad you liked my outfits….I think my favorite is the one I wore to the Bachelorette, but the wedding outfit comes next.

  1. i’m jealous of your month, it’s been wet and cold here. the collage of chios, it’s sooo blue! is masourakia from chios or that’s just a really good one? 😉
    Steph recently posted..Coffee huntingMy Profile

    • But at least summer is coming your way, and it’s leaving from us in a month….It’s been super hot here. I can’t handle this heat…The temperatures are around 35-40degrees every day! I don’t know how is the summer in Australia, but it’s soo hot here. I prefer spring, but it was raining all the time during spring, this year.
      Masourakia is a local product of Chios, and the ones in the photo are from Chios. I bought them just before I left for Thessaloniki… I don’t think you can find them anywhere else but in Chios.

    • It was quite good, I can’t complain. hehe I’m not sure August would be that nice, because my bf is back in the army for 2 more months, and I don’t think he can return for so many days again.

  2. I loved your month and “lived” what you described! I felt like being there in Chios – well, I could feel more seeing all live, but your pictures and descriptions were so amazing that I had a great feeling looking at them!
    My favorite outfit was, believe it or not, the print dress when you were walking in Chios, the strapless dress – but my favorite shoes were the Zara ones – but the other, the turquoise one too!
    I’m happy that you had such a great month, went to Chios again, went to Chalkidiki with your bf, it was surely a great month!
    And yes, August is soon there! I’m still deciding if I’ll go to London or not – there are so many things in the decision… I know you cross yoru fingers to me!
    Filakia pollaaaaaaa!
    Denise recently posted..Olympic Games 2012 Opening Ceremony in LondonMy Profile

    • I’m so glad you said that, because that was my intention from the start. To make you feel like you were there with me, on my vacation, with all these pics and posts.
      I wore that dress a lot this year, and you’re gonna see it again in future outfit posts.
      The Chalkidiki post will come really soon. I guess sometime next week, becauce I have to do my wishlist post, and another one before. And find some time to decide on, and edit my pics (which are very low quality and were taken with my small camera at night, not so pretty, but I’ll do the post anyway).
      Of course I’m crossing my fingers for you! I hope you find the best path for you!
      Filakia pollaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

    • I’m sure it was, and I’m sure you read it.
      As you did with all the other blogs/posts you are copy/pasting this exact comment around!
      3rd time is a spam, not a charm!
      Genuine comments are much more appreciated, but thanks anyway!

    • S’euxaristw poli Christina!
      Nai, giati ta perissotera post auton ton mina itane apo tis diakopes mou sti Xio (opou piga gia to gamo tis xaderfis mou) kai den mporousa na exw mazi mou para polla pragmata, opote forousa sixna ta idia axesouar/tsantes/papoutsia!

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