Day 6 in Chios – Daskalopetra, Kardamila, Lagada

27 July, 2012

Day 6 begun with a walk to Daskalopetra, which was in the same area as our hotel. Just a few meters away from our hotel was Daskalopetra, or Homer’s Rock, one of the island’s best known monuments. It is considered to be the place where Homer used to teach his students.

Sitting in front of Daskalopetra

Daskalopetra area also has a very nice beach which was just across our hotel.

I took some photos there while walking back to the hotel to take the car and start our trip.

Zara top, H&M boyfriend shorts (similar style), Savil bag, local Chalkidiki’s shop plastic sandals, Ray Ban folding wayfarer sunglasses, H&M neon yellow necklace, H&M neon yellow bra (similar style), and Michael Kors rose gold watch (similar style).

Next stop, after a road trip over the mountains, was the amazing beach of Giosonas. This beach is at the top of my list for my next trip to Chios. I was soooo bummed that I couldn’t swim that day.

A cute beach bar at Giosonas beach

Almost immediately after Giosonas, was the village Nagos. Another great beach!

 Next stop, the village of Kardamilla…

 The statue of Kardamilitissa, the woman from Kardamila

And me again posing for the camera at Kardamila

Leaving Kardamila behind, we travelled to the nearby village of Lagada for lunch.

Lagada from a distance

The village is really beautiful and it has many taverns next to the sea. We sat at Passas, as my cousin recommended, and we really enjoyed everything we ate. Fresh seafood and very yummy appetizers! The only disadvantage was the prices which were a bit high, but after all, seafood is always expensive. If you wanna take a look at the place go here.

At our way “home”, we drove through the village Sykiada, which had really nice houses, and we made a quick stop at the village Pantoukios, that my mother wanted to see. Don’t want to bore you with more pictures, so I’ll go straight to the night part.

I could dedicate another post for the night of the 6th, and the 7th day, but I thought there is no point, since I’ve already shown you almost everything, and I didn’t take many pictures after day 6 to justify another post. So this is the last post of my Chios trip.

For our last night on the island, we went to an area very close to the city of Chios, which is called Karfas. Karfas is a very touristic place, and has many foreigners, hotels, stores, and taverns. My aunt and uncle took us to the place which is the closest one to Turkey. You can actually see Turkey from there.

Here it is! Those lands you see in the back of the photo are the coasts of Turkey, the areas around Çeşme if I’m not mistaken. And as you can probably see, we had almost a full moon that night.

After that we went to a local tavern, where I ate a fantastic salad and a chicken souvla (on a big metallic skewer) which was the best I’ve ever had.

For the night, I picked an easy to wear “leopard” dress, which I paired with turquoise accessories I had with me. I’m not sure about the result, but I didn’t have many of my things with me, so I had to use whatever I had.

These pics were taken after we returned to our hotel to pack our suitcases.

 Wearing: H&M dress (bought in Vienna last summer), Doca long clutch (worn before here), Aslanis shoes (worn before here and here), Ray-Ban folding wayfarers, and an arm candy of vintage and H&M bracelets (worn before here).

Unfortunately, I didn’t take pics of the dress, and outfit that I was wearing on the last day. The day consisted of souvenir shopping for ourselves and family friends, a visit to Chios’ fortress (you can see photos of it, here), and lunch at a tavern. After that, we stayed at my aunt’s home until it was time to leave for the airport. I’ll try to squeeze some more photos in my “month in pics” post which is coming next.

I’m sorry for the long post, but I wanted to include as many as I could in order to avoid an extra post. So after my “month in pics” and wishlist posts, I’ll return to my regular “non-Chios related” posting, which includes 2 more outfit posts I’ve managed to photograph a few days ago.

See you soon. And have a nice weekend.


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22 comments on “Day 6 in Chios – Daskalopetra, Kardamila, Lagada

  1. Poly wraio to prwto look! Xalaro kai modato taytoxrona o,ti prepei gia nisi! Poly wraies oi fluo leptomereies! Gia to deytero look ti na pw? Api8ano forema kai exw erwtey8ei ta papoytsia soy!!!

    Filakia polla polla <3
    Elsa recently posted..Mood Board – 20120727My Profile

  2. As for me, you could well go on posting pictures of your trips, I didn’t find the posts boring and heavy loaded! On the contrary, I wanted to see more!
    Again I loved the villages and I saw the fortress, and again you always look so stylish and beautiful! I loved the dress paired with that divine clutch (yes, it is!) and the sandals! Turquoise is a color I like very much!
    Will you post some pictures of Chalkidiki? I know it’s very famous in the north, I always wanted to go there, but when I went I concentrated in the south. If I knew the north was/is so beautiful, I would have put that as a priority in my agenda! But you know, tourists normally start from Athens on, I was no exception at the time!
    Do post the outfits you wore, love to see them! (Inspirational!)
    Ah, and thanks for your words – I didn’t look amazing, I was very casual… I simply don’t find much inspiration here to put myself in an “amazing” way… but it’ll come, I am sure! One day!
    Filakia polla! Ote potis wraio Kyriaky (?) – Σας εύχομαι Καλή σας μέρα anyway!!! (xaxa!)
    Denise recently posted..Olympic Games 2012 Opening Ceremony in LondonMy Profile

    • Hey Denise! First of all, I want to say that you can look casual and amazing at the same time! The feeling I have when I see your pictures is great, and when I look at you, I see amazing. You’re a very special girl, so positive and different from any other person I know (in a good way). So you will always be amazing in my eyes. Clothes and moods change but you’re always the same amazing person. 🙂
      I wish I could post more photos from Chios, but I used to put around 7 in each post, and now I put 20 in my latest posts about Chios. It’s a big difference, and maybe someone else might get tired of seeing travel photos, since he/she’s coming here probably for fashion and personal style. So, I try to please both sides by putting photos for every category. After all it’s my personal blog, and it has to do with my lifestyle, and therefore my travels too. But I’m thinking of creating an album on my Facebook page, which is open to everyone (even if you don’t have a FB account), so if I do it, I’ll let you know so you can see more photos…
      I will post some pics from Chalkidiki but I’m not sure if I’m going to put them in the upcoming “month in pics” post of by themselves. I didn’t have my DSLR with me, and we mostly gotten out at nights, so the photos aren’t of good quality. Plus, we didn’t go anywhere else this time, we only stayed in N.Marmaras and mostly at my cousin’s house. But we had a good time, and I’ll definitely put some photos from there. I know you probably remember it, but if you want to see it again you can find some Chalkidiki photos on my last year’s post.
      wow! That was a huge reply!
      Thank you very much for everything, and we’ll talk again soon! 🙂

      P.S Have a great Sunday! I wasn’t sure about the first 2 words you wrote after filakia polla but you got the Greek part right. Only a few minor mistakes! But you’re definitely good! 🙂

  3. WOW, all of those scenery shots are spectacular! Those beaches look amazing – I wouldn’t mind spending a day relaxing there! 😉 I’m loving all of your colorful accessories, too!

    Hope you’re having a great weekend! 🙂


    sorelle in style recently posted..the want list: loafersMy Profile

    • Thank you Jilly! We had a great time in Chios! If you ever come in Greece I’ll be glad to tell you nice places and cities to visits. I know most tourists go only to Athens and then Mykonos or maybe Santorini, but there are so many other beautiful cities and islands in Greece.

      Have a great Sunday! 🙂

  4. Akoma ena fantastiko post me teleies fwtografies! Me kaneis na thelw na paw sti chio san treli! Episis erinai fantastiko to forema sou! Panta me style! Mpravo! ps kai oi dyo agapame to blog sou mas aresei para poly kai xairomatse na sou kanoume comments giati ektos apo stylati eisai poly glykia kai eugenikh!

    so-st-yle recently posted..Wanted: Ombre HairMy Profile

    • Sas eyxaristw paaaara poli kai tis dio koritsia! Itane mia aporia pou genika eixa, giati kserw oti eiste dio, kai ithela na kserw me poia milaw! 🙂
      Kai eseis eiste poli eugenikes kai super stylates kai ennoeitai oti sas akolouthw mesw Bloglovin’ kai Facebook!

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  6. Thank you all for your nice comments! I’m glad you liked my photos of Chios, and that most of you are considering it for your next vacation! Hope you like my new post as well! 🙂

  7. Ο Γιόσωνας είναι μια από τις αγαπημένες μου παραλίες, ανά τον πλανήτη! Σοβαρολογώ! Όσο για την Λαγκάδα, έχει τα καλύτερα ταβερνάκια, με τα νοστιμότερα μεζεδάκια! Ωστόσο, αρέσκομαι στο να ταίζω τα ψάρια που κολυμπούν δίπλα στο τραπέζι μας… φαίνεται ότι περάσατε τέλεια! Μπράβο!!
    S for Summer recently posted..Διαγωνισμός Ann bottle Mar!My Profile

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