My month in pics – November 2012

30 November, 2012

November wasn’t a very exciting month as far as my posts go, but it included some of my favorite outfits we have photographed for this blog. Both I and T. did our best to show you nicely photographed and interesting outfits, in good lighting, which was the hardest of all. But I think we succeeded. These are the outfits of the month! Click on their names to be directed to the original posts.

Military green & biker boots, Got my boyfriend jeans on, Bare midriff in Autumn, Casual attire for a morning coffee date.

The first 3 are my favorite ones. And I want to thank T. once again for taking all these outfit photos.

I didn’t manage to save lots of shoes in November, but I did save 2 and recorded them.

My new Casual Attitude biker boots, which I have worn too much already (#35), and my Minelli ankle boots (#36).

This month, I bought some new items, mostly oxblood colored….click here and here for the posts. I did a review and I hosted a Giveaway for EyeSlices iCandy, eye treatment pads, and announced the winner here.

I also visited London, between the 23rd and the 28th of November, but you’re going to see posts from this experience in December, since I still haven’t seen the photos myself.

If you’re wondering what else happened in November on this blog, you can click here, to view all the posts.

I have more surprises for you in December, so stay tuned, and follow Do You Speak Gossip any way you can! You don’t want to miss them!

See you all on Monday. I have many things to do, and I’m going to need as much rest as I can. Traveling can be really tiring. hehe


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16 comments on “My month in pics – November 2012

    • Thank you! Mine too! Along with the one with the cropped top…However, I loved the place where we took the photos of the fist outfit of the month. I’ll pass your compliment to T. 🙂 He’s going to smile, for sure!

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