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Stripes & florals 5- outfit -

Stripes and florals is an unusual combination, but that’s how imagined wearing my long stripey vest for the first time. This is the 5th and last item of my order of last month, and I have endless combinations in mind for this one. It can be worn all year long, and I’m sure I’ll have no problem styling it again and again. These shoes on the other hand, are one of the pairs I failed to wear sooner this summer, so I imagined wearing them with this shirt. I know you’ve seen it recently, but summer will soon be gone, so I take every chance I get to wear my summer items more times. High-waisted midi skirts are perfect combined with cropped tops, so don’t be afraid to wear them together even if you don’t have abs. The key is to leave just a tiny bit of skin exposed in between these items. And it’s actually a trend I love since it really flatters my slim waist (abs can wait! 😛 ). Do you like this look?

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Cropped top & tartan pencil skirt | Outfits

This tartan pencil skirt is one of the few things that I bought this season, and even though it was love at first sight, I didn’t get the chance to wear it until now. My first thought, was to combine it with my navy blue cropped top and my two-tone toe-cap pumps in blue and black. At first I was hesitant about the cropped top, but decided to go for it, even though I’m quite pale, and definitely don’t have the body of a model. Fashion is for those who dare after all, and don’t care about what other people might say. Of course I also wore a blazer on top, which made the look classier and kept me warm. My long coat was the perfect finish to the look. You might recognize the skirt, and the whole styling of these photos from the post I made last week, when I showed you my face without the sunglasses for the first time since I started blogging. It was a really big moment for me, and I imagine that even bigger ones are coming… fingers crossed! Till then, have a fantastic weekend my dear readers. Mine is going to be rather busy. My blogger friends and I, have something really BIG planned for this Sunday. Stay tuned for more details next week, and follow me on social media to get the updates in real-time! Kisses to all!

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Top 12 posts of 2012

Now that 2012 is coming to end, I thought about making a post with my favorite posts of the year, like I did last year. Of course most of them are outfit ones, but that’s ok. Once more I had a hard time narrowing them down, because I love all my posts, but I love some of them more, so here are my 12 favorite posts of 2012.

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My month in pics – November 2012

November wasn’t a very exciting month as far as my posts go, but it included some of my favorite outfits we have photographed for this blog. Both I and T. did our best to show you nicely photographed and interesting outfits, in good lighting, which was the hardest of all. But I think we succeeded. These are the outfits of the month! Click on their names to be directed to the original posts.

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Bare midriff in autumn | Outfit post

These photos were taken a few days ago, when the weather was still autumn-ish, contrary to the weather we’ve been having these past couple of days, that’s been all rainy & windy. The weather was actually quite mild that day, which allowed me to go out with a bare midriff. I had this outfit on my mind for days, and I’m glad I decided to wear it then, because it would have been impossible to wear it now. I hope I could also leave my tights home, but I was planning to return home late at night, so it wasn’t an option.

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