The Athens-wedding outfit

The Athens-wedding outfit 8-

Since I didn’t manage to photograph the look I was wearing to the wedding in Athens, at that time, I decided to wear it again in Thessaloniki, with the sole purpose of photographing it. If you follow my blog, and Instagram account you’d know by now that I didn’t intend to buy such a fitted dress for the wedding; on the contrary I was looking for something in A-line. But when I first saw it, I fell in love. And looking at this back, can you blame me, really? It’s one of the most beautiful dresses I’ve ever seen. Simple, yet feminine and elegant in its own kind of sexy way. Obviously, I didn’t go anywhere in this dress that day, and since these photos were taken in the morning, and I was hungry and looking forward to the coffee and breakfast after our shoot, you must excuse me but I totally forgot to wear any jewellery except for my everyday watch, which I actually didn’t wear to the wedding. Apart from the jewellery and the slight change in my hair and makeup of the day, it was pretty much the outfit of the wedding day. So, what do you think? Let me know, by leaving a comment under this post! 🙂

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New in: Zara goodies for autumn

Hello my lovely readers! I hope you all had a great weekend! Mine was quite nice too. Remember when on my latest “month in pics” post, I told you I didn’t shop anything during October? I was in some kind of a shopping diet. Well, yes I relapsed! Oops! I have to blame my cousin for this, who took me with him to shop some jeans and tees, and as we were at Zara, I took a look at the women section, and that was it! I found everything that I had on my mind, and much more that I would rather not think about, because I’ll want to go back and get them too. I had some things on my fall shopping list, except for the ones I showed you here (hehe), and I went straight to the colors I needed for my closet. Plus, a dress I saw in the display window and fell in love with it. Totally my style! So without further ado, I’ll show you what I got! This time I created a collage and did not take pictures, as all could be found online.

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