Pink Boyfriend | Outfits

Pink boyfriend 6- outfit -

We took these photos last Sunday, right after we filmed a video with Anatoli. The weather was still delightful and we were having a blast under the sun. Now the temperatures have dropped to winter ones, and we鈥檙e pretty much cold. Told you my joy wouldn鈥檛 last for long. I hope you enjoy this outfit and I wish you a happy weekend! See you on Monday! 馃檪

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Minty casual | Outfits

Minty casual 8- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comWe took these photos some days ago with T., when we went to do some shopping for the little gathering I had at my house for my birthday, last Saturday night. I chose to wear a really casual look with jeans, and a long top, but instead of flats (that you know I don鈥檛 really feel comfortable in) I went with a pair of low heeled pumps in mint color, which I paired with my mint jelly bag. And I even did some light climbing for the photo above. hehe Do you like this look?

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Spring mood on | Outfits

Spring mood on 8- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comBefore I start talking about this outfit, let me tell you that I鈥檓 super happy because the week of my birthday starts today. My actual birthday is on Friday, and I can鈥檛 wait to celebrate all weekend with friends, family and my loved one, T. I鈥檝e already made some preparations since I love organizing everything. To the outfit now: Lately the weather has been super sunny and beautiful, very spring-appropriate, and I celebrated it by wearing my new shoes (another gift from my friend Denise) and pairing them, with the lightest and boldest colors I could find in my still-filled-with-winter-clothes wardrobe. It came out more pink that I鈥檇 normally wear, but oh well; spring is finally and officially here. Let鈥檚 celebrate!聽

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Neon love | Outfit post

Hello everybody!聽 I hope you had a fantastic weekend! Mine was very tiring but I鈥檓 using all my energy left, to be happy and write this post. 馃檪 On my previous outfit post I told you that I still owe you some of the outfit photos we took with T. the last time he was here. I know I post them a bit late, but my priority last week was to write my thoughts about VFW (VFW day 1 and days 2&3 favorite designs) as part of my partnership with them! So these photos were taken on a really sunny day, just before the weather changed for worse, and the temperatures dropped. After these were taken we went to the supermarket again, and returned (to his) home to cook lunch! We spent 2 days together, and had a fantastic time, watching movies and having friends over for Buzz.

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New in: Neon yellow bag & tricolor clutch

Those of you who follow me on Facebook, already know that I went shopping again this week! This time I didn鈥檛 come home empty-handed, but brought home with me, 2 beautiful bags! I was actually looking for a clutch to go perfectly with my dress and shoes for my cousin鈥檚 wedding, and the other just caught my eye, when passing out of a shop. Couldn鈥檛 leave it behind! After all, neon is my latest trend obsession.

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