My 3-day smoothie-detox experience & recipes

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Today’s post is completely different from what I usually post, but hey this is a personal blog, which also follows my lifestyle, so it’s not “off-topic”. The reason I’m writing about it on the blog, is to tell my experience as a beginner at this, and share with you some of the recipes I tried and tips I gathered. So here we go:

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Healthy & easy to make yogurt and fruits dessert / breakfast

Good morning my lovely readers! It’s an early morning post for… that doesn’t happen often, since I’m definitely NOT a morning person. But this is a post I really wanted to make for a long time, since many of you have been asking me about my favorite breakfast (and sometimes dinner!) after I’ve posted many pictures of its variations on my social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This is one of my absolutely favorite things to eat, and it’s actually really healthy, so you can eat it even when you’re on a diet. Today I’m presenting you with an idea on how to serve yogurt & fruits to house guests after a dinner, when you want to make something quick, or when you don’t want too many extra calories from your dessert. Something I always do when I eat yogurt & fruits is to use a little “trick” to take off the yogurt from its cup really quick and make it more visually appealing. Read along for more details and tips. There are also captions under the photos.

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Smoothie Sunday

Every spring I get obsessed with smoothies and fruit salads, so I thought it would be a good idea to share with you the process. It is a really good idea for anyone who’s struggling with eating more fruits and vegetables in a daily basis, or for anyone who just loves eating fruits and living a healthy life. So basically smoothies are a good idea for everyone! There are many recipes you can try, depending on what’s in your fridge and what you prefer. You can find some inspiration and recipes on my pinterest board. The options are limitless. So get your mixers out and follow my lead.

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