Top 10 posts of 2011

This week’s IFB project (#26) was to make a special post about our favourite posts of 2011. In order to do this I had to go through all this year’s posts, and pick (up to) 10 of my favourites. This sounds easy, but it isn’t ‘cause I wrote all of them, and I love them equally, so it was too difficult to pick only 10. However, I managed to do it. I remembered my emotions and thoughts when I was writing them, and I kept smiling the whole time.

Here we go (in no special order):

1. Take a bow

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How to dress for holiday parties

Hello, hello!! How was your weekend? A new week starts today, and in the end of it there’s Christmas. I’m sure many of you will have lots of parties to attend this week, and maybe the next one too. So, I prepared for you a post to give you some ideas of what you could wear at those holiday parties (Christmas, New Year’s Eve etc.). I hope you enjoy reading this post, and you find the perfect dress among my recommendations.

It took me a while to create this whole post (a real pain, with all these hyperlinks and collages), but I really enjoyed making the collages.

So, let’s start with the more affordable dresses you could wear, since most of us are on a tight budget, and haven’t much money to spend on it. But we still want to wear something new, and look glamorous in it. Am I right?

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