50 shades of blue | Outfits

50 shades of blue 2- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comIt was a beautiful spring-like day when I left my house that morning, so I was in the mood to dress in something lighter than my usual winter attire. I met with Maria and Anatoli for photos (it鈥檚 becoming a nice tradition to get together a couple of days a week with these ladies) but as I was reaching our meeting point, the clouds were surrounding whole areas, leaving the towns in fog. Luckily enough it wasn鈥檛 foggy at our photo shoot location, so we managed to take some outfit pictures for our blogs. Hundreds of clicks, laughs and some tea & cookies later, we set our next meeting, and went separate ways to continue our days. Always a pleasure, ladies! 馃槈

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Purple sunsets | Outfit post

I wore this casual outfit on Sunday to go out with T. but we were running late, so we just caught the last of sun to take these photos. Some of them are a bit blurry but we did our best. The light was so little because of the clouds, that it was impossible to take photos without flash or a tripod.聽 In the last ones we finally gave up and used flash to show you some details. And I鈥檓 posting them knowing that some people will ask me again why do I wear sunglasses when it鈥檚 dark outside (by the way, it wasn鈥檛), but oh well, my dear frequent readers, you know the answer to that. I hope you enjoy it despite the quality of the photos.

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Sporty Casual | Outfit post

A couple of days ago, we went with T. for a walk near the sea, and it was the perfect opportunity to take some photos. It鈥檚 a rare occasion you get to see me wearing sneakers, but I do wear them quite often. They鈥檙e not my favorite shoes, but they鈥檙e one of the most comfortable. Of course nothing tops my all-time-favorite and most comfortable pair I鈥檝e worn, my Casual Attitude biker boots I purchased this fall. Tell me, do you like this sporty casual outfit? I鈥檒l try to come back with more outfit posts next week. Have a great weekend.

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