New in: Zara goodies for autumn

Hello my lovely readers! I hope you all had a great weekend! Mine was quite nice too. Remember when on my latest “month in pics” post, I told you I didn’t shop anything during October? I was in some kind of a shopping diet. Well, yes I relapsed! Oops! I have to blame my cousin for this, who took me with him to shop some jeans and tees, and as we were at Zara, I took a look at the women section, and that was it! I found everything that I had on my mind, and much more that I would rather not think about, because I’ll want to go back and get them too. I had some things on my fall shopping list, except for the ones I showed you here (hehe), and I went straight to the colors I needed for my closet. Plus, a dress I saw in the display window and fell in love with it. Totally my style! So without further ado, I’ll show you what I got! This time I created a collage and did not take pictures, as all could be found online.

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October’s Wishlist

I thought we should celebrate the beginning of a new month with a new and fresh wish list. I loved every piece of this wishlist. And I made sure that they are all pretty affordable (except for the shoes, which are just less expensive than usual, hehe). Without further ado, I give you my wishlist for October.

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