Preveza vacation Day 2 | Travel

Day 2 of our vacation to Preveza was quite full, and filled with lots of back and forths between towns. We did many things that day and we also managed to be back at the hotel for every meal and relax by (and in) the pool. Started the day with a good breakfast (I missed those!), before visiting the famous city of Parga which seems to be very popular among tourists. We walked through the busy roads and alleys there, took lots of photos and headed to Lichnos beach which was very close to Parga (note that the fish there bite! And I’m being totally serious! They bit my leg and made it bleed. Ok it was tiny, but it hurt. Vicious fish! Never been bullied out of water by fish; that was a first!). So after we left that beach, we returned to our hotel for lunch, and then sat by the pool and relaxed under the sun while reading magazines. Of course at some point we swam too, and it was sooo good. The hotel pool was amazing. After dinner we headed to Parga again to see how it looks at night, since it was the only city we encountered that was still so lively, and full of tourists. Please read the labels under each photo and excuse me for putting so many photos in one post. It was impossible to choose among them, and since this is a diary post, I decided to put them anyway. Enjoy!

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What I wore to my cousin’s wedding

It’s finally time to show you the outfit I wore to my cousin’s wedding. I know many of my frequent readers were waiting to see it, and I hope it doesn’t disappoint you! I want to thank my mom for taking these photos (even if it’s highly unlikely she reads this). I always say how blurry are the pics she usually takes because she has trembling hands, but I think she did a fantastic job on this trip. Maybe the DSLR is much easier for her to use.

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