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Spring mood on 8- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comBefore I start talking about this outfit, let me tell you that I’m super happy because the week of my birthday starts today. My actual birthday is on Friday, and I can’t wait to celebrate all weekend with friends, family and my loved one, T. I’ve already made some preparations since I love organizing everything. To the outfit now: Lately the weather has been super sunny and beautiful, very spring-appropriate, and I celebrated it by wearing my new shoes (another gift from my friend Denise) and pairing them, with the lightest and boldest colors I could find in my still-filled-with-winter-clothes wardrobe. It came out more pink that I’d normally wear, but oh well; spring is finally and officially here. Let’s celebrate! 

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Green & khaki | Outfits

These photos were taken a couple of days ago, and despite our best efforts to have good lighting, we failed. It comes with the change of seasons, and it’s the same every time. Days get shorter, and we try to get used to those changes, and we’re chasing the sun to have a good result, but it’s not always successful. Oh well, we tried! This is another monochromatic outfit, in different hues of green, and it’s actually the 2nd time I got to wear my new embellished khaki shorts this summer. Bought them this spring, but wasn’t feeling comfortable enough to wear them until now. I’m eager to try them with my matching embellished khaki shirt, when days get colder.

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