Stripe a pose

10 May, 2011

The sun was shining, the temperature was high, and I was in the mood for something casual, with the right amount of sexy! What’s best than a stripy top, a pair of jeans (slightly rolled up), my beloved nude peep-toe pumps, and my brand new watch? Nothing better for a walk at the stores with an old friend accompanied with some coffee and light gossiping (after all, we had to catch up for all those years gone by without seeing each other).

And I think it was perfect for the day! We had such an amazing time!

Top: Stradivarius, Jeans: Lee, Heels: D&G, Bag: Savil, Watch: Michael Kors

Some of the pictures are a bit out of focus/blurry, or I was moving during the shot, but I like them, so I uploaded them anyway. I hope that they aren’t that bad. It’s a bit difficult taking your own photos with a self-timer and without a remote control. I’m thinking of buying one of those, or a better camera, but that’s more expensive. Oh well, you all probably know the difficulties of trying to photograph your outfits yourself. It’s a pain, but in the end it’s fun. And I always liked to keep track of the outfits I was wearing at different occasions. When I think of an event, I always remember the clothes I was wearing then, without even having to look at the pictures.

Blazer: Random shop, Nails: GT Cosmetics No. 366

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7 comments on “Stripe a pose

  1. W-o-w! Where should I start? Those NAILS! PERFECTION!
    And then the poses? Very nice, believe me!
    The watch? Posh Hollywood star!
    Shoes? No comments – ah, well, I will comment, beautiful!
    Blazer, jeans, top, everything so nice together, such a good taste you have, go on posting, I love to see your outfits! I hope the coffee was good!

  2. My dear Denise, I don’t have words to thank you!
    Every comment of yours is amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 🙂
    I’m trying to work on my poses, and don’t be too stiff, but I’m still pretty much camera-shy! But there’s no other way to show you my outfits, and I’m starting to love doing it! So I can say there would be a lot of other outfit pics in the future.
    The coffee was great, we had so much fun!

  3. I absolutely agree with You.
    I love stripy tops, but I haven’t got one for me, because its quite difficut to get perfect one.
    Mint nail polish looks amazing with your outfit.
    You look stylish hun!

    xoxo Ra

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