My month in pics – September 2012

This month was so full I almost didn’t realize that we were soon going to enter October.  And when I say full, I don’t mean only with blogging, events and posts, but also in my personal life. But let’s start this recap from the usual part. The outfits I wore and presented here to you, during September.

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VFNO Thessaloniki 2012

As most of you know, last Tuesday on the 25th we celebrated the 2nd year of Fashion’s Night Out in Thessaloniki as part of the international initiative of Vogue Magazine. This year, my company was my cousin A., Maria from Style Bows, and her best friend Chrysoula. We visited many stores and drunk many cocktails and sparkling wines along the way. It was a really fun night! It was so nice to see so many fashionable people (men & women) on the streets, partying, taking pictures, and generally having fun. It’s something you don’t see very often. My only “disappointment” was that I didn’t have the chance to meet some of the other bloggers of Thessaloniki. It seems that our paths weren’t crossed this time. Let’s hope we will meet each other really soon. I’d love to get to know the girls behind the blogs that I’m reading for so long.

My cousin A. was the photographer of the day night, as I passed my camera to her. All editing was done by me. There were so many people around that I was too shy to take pictures with my camera. Thankfully she was more than happy to help. Thank you so much A.! This post is dedicated to you! 🙂

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Candy colors and city lights | Outfit post

About a week ago my best friend invited us to his house in Ano Poli (Upper/Old Town) to celebrate his birthday together, with a barbecue. Unfortunately it was also a going away party, since he left to study abroad. The weather wasn’t our friend that day, since it was raining almost non-stop and we had the barbecue at his upper balcony. Thankfully his parents have built a kiosk so we were able to sit on the balcony, and avoid the rain. The added curtains held the wind away, and kept us warm enough. Despite the cold and the rain, I refused to wear a dark colored outfit, and went with my first choice. A candy colored outfit, which was pretty feminine but also very comfortable for the day.

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Neon love | Outfit post

Hello everybody!  I hope you had a fantastic weekend! Mine was very tiring but I’m using all my energy left, to be happy and write this post. 🙂 On my previous outfit post I told you that I still owe you some of the outfit photos we took with T. the last time he was here. I know I post them a bit late, but my priority last week was to write my thoughts about VFW (VFW day 1 and days 2&3 favorite designs) as part of my partnership with them! So these photos were taken on a really sunny day, just before the weather changed for worse, and the temperatures dropped. After these were taken we went to the supermarket again, and returned (to his) home to cook lunch! We spent 2 days together, and had a fantastic time, watching movies and having friends over for Buzz.

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VFW days 2 & 3 Favorite designs

On my previous post I shared with you my favorite designs from day 1 of Vancouver Fashion Week. Today, I’ll share with you my favorite looks from days 2 & 3. Unfortunately the photos from Day 4 weren’t uploaded yet, so you may want to check their Facebook page in a few hours to see the designs. Now, let’s see my favorite picks from day 2:

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