My nail polish collection

A few months back, I shared with you my shoe collection, and I always had in my mind to do a similar post to show you my nail polish collection. It all begun 2 years ago, when I threw away all of my nail polishes which had gone bad. Then, I found some amazing brands and I started collecting new colors. Although, nail polishes are not something you can keep for years, like you can with shoes, I really like the colors I have so far, so I don’t think I’m going to buy many more in the near future. Today I present to you my collection of nail polishes together with some recommendations, and favorites I have. Enjoy!

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Nailquake – crackle nail polish

On my previous post, I showed you the result of nailquake polish, but my pictures weren’t that good, so I made a more detailed post about it.

I bought nailquake back then, among lots of other nail polishes, ‘cause I saw many people use it. I didn’t know we had it here in Greece too, until I saw Veronica wearing it (and with a great success too!). I hadn’t used it till now, and I’m sharing my first experience of it with you.

As I said in my previous post, I opted for a B&W effect, as it was shown in the bottle of it. This is what I used: Seventeen No.103 (white) as a base, Tommy G’s No.2, and of course base coat and top coat, both Artistry’s (by Amway).

1st step

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Saturday night out

saturday night out 2Last Saturday we went to our favourite spot again, TGI Friday’s of course. After we left, I asked my boyfriend once again to take some pictures of me and my outfit. It was dark and as a result my pictures are once again noisy and a bit blurry, so excuse me in advance for this.

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