Green & khaki | Outfits

These photos were taken a couple of days ago, and despite our best efforts to have good lighting, we failed. It comes with the change of seasons, and it’s the same every time. Days get shorter, and we try to get used to those changes, and we’re chasing the sun to have a good result, but it’s not always successful. Oh well, we tried! This is another monochromatic outfit, in different hues of green, and it’s actually the 2nd time I got to wear my new embellished khaki shorts this summer. Bought them this spring, but wasn’t feeling comfortable enough to wear them until now. I’m eager to try them with my matching embellished khaki shirt, when days get colder.

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Minty fresh | Outfits

I’m sure you’ve all understood by now that I’m once again obsessed with mint color. So much that I’m almost wearing a monochromatic look again, using mint from head to toe. But I just can’t resist matching this jelly bag, one of my latest purchases, with anything mint I can find in my closet. I’ve already worn it many times, and as I told you before, I’m planning to wear those outfits again not only because I want to photograph them, but also because I LOVED wearing them. I feel that this summer is coming to an end, yet I haven’t worn many of the things in my closet, nor have I shown you everything I wanted outfit-wise. I’m glad I live in a country where summer weather doesn’t end till mid-October and now I have one more reason for this: I’ve finally booked my vacation. I may haven’t gone anywhere this summer (apart from my 3-day trip to Orestiada obviously) BUT I’ll be on vacation in the middle of next month. More details to come….

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April’s wishlist

Good morning! Happy April fool’s day! A new month is here… The clocks have turned one hour forward, which means more daylight and I couldn’t be happier about it. I hope you all had a great Easter day yesterday (as I told you our Easter is in May this year). A new month means a new wishlist for the blog…I call this month’s wishlist:

The B&W stripes Issue

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Monochromatic | Outfit post

It seems that my addiction to burgundy/oxblood color is so big this winter, that even my hair realized it and decided to turn out burgundy too (instead of the copper red I had chosen) on the latest dye session with my new hairdresser. hehe These photos can’t really show the true color my hair had that day. This monochromatic look (with the exception of my coat) is an ode to my love, burgundy. I hope you enjoy the photos…All, taken by T. after a crazy run, in order to catch the last rays of sunlight on that cloudy day.

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