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14 September, 2011

Last week I did some shopping at Zara, and added some more stuff to the ones I’ve already bought a bit earlier this month. And I thought that now would be a good time to gather them all together to show them to you.

In this picture, we have the 2 new pairs of shoes I bought from Zara, an H&M poncho/cardigan/cape (whatever suits you best) which I bought earlier this month and I loved, and a Chanel-ish nude leather bag with Silver chain.

The nail polishes are there for decorating purposes only, as they were bought much earlier, during summer, and I’ve already showed them to you before.

The bag is actually a present. A friend of mine bought me another one, which wasn’t so easy for me to wear so I changed it for this one, after searching the store for 1.5hour. It’s so difficult to change a gift during sales period, when there’s nothing left worth buying. I had to pay a bit more but I think it’s worth it. This is from a greek brand again called Rouskas, it’s made of leather, and it’s really beautiful. However, I was a little worried cause I bought once again a look-a-like bag, as I did with my Kelly–inspired one a few months ago. The same brand has some very nice Lady Dior “inspired” bags as well. Although I’m not a fan of those.

The left green/blue snakeskin pair is the one I showed you in my September’s wishlist and I became obsessed with it, by just looking at its pictures. So it was only a matter of time before I buy it. It’s a bit tight though, I hope it will be more comfortable during winter months.

The right green suede pair was a spontaneous buy. Well, not exactly spontaneous, given the fact that I saw it so many times on the internet, (and searched for it in my local Zara). However, I never saw it in person, until I went there to buy the snakeskin ones. Of course I tried them on, as I was in love with the color and the gold heel, and they were really comfortable and cheaper than the other ones, so I bought them too.

Aren’t they amazing? Love them! Hope I’ll get to wear them a lot this autumn/winter.

Those nail polishes look great with them. Of course I have other ones, for the winter, and I’m sure I’ll get more.  And that was a sneak peek of the nail polish I’m wearing right now. Really vibrant! Love it! By the way, we may not have it here in Greece, but I think it would be lovely for a St. Patrick’s Day outfit. It’s from the Greek brand GT Cosmetics again (no. 9), as are the other 2 (light green one, no. 366 and purple, no. 7). The nude one is from Seventeen Cosmetics. 96). Love those Greek nail polish brands, they are really good. Maybe I’ll do a giveaway about them in the future. Would you like that?

Lastly, I was trying to find a way to show you my new clothes from H&M, (as I didn’t want to photograph them on hangers, and it’s not cool enough outside to wear them in an outfit), and I think I found it.

H&M has a really cool new “application”, which is called Dressing Room, and it’s really similar to Looklet, where you can create any look you like using exclusively H&M clothes and accessories. So I used the Dressing Room to create looks that included the items I bought from the new collection. I bought the striped top from the first look and the navy dress from the 2nd one.  Hope you like the looks. There are prices next to the names of the items, and a total look price. And I heard that in other countries, you can also order the whole look online, which is something really cool. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work in Greece (yet).  I’ll wear them in outfits when the weather cools off a bit.

So, I know this one was a huge post, (and I’m so sorry about it, but I couldn’t do otherwise), but I would like to know your opinions. What do you think of the items I bought? I’m really excited to have them added to my collection, especially the shoes, as I’m a shoesaholic.

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45 comments on “New in my closet

    • S’euxaristw poli Anna! Nai exei poli wraio xrwma..stin pragmatikotita einai ligo pio skouro ap’auto pou fainetai stis fwto…Kai i plaka einai oti anakalipsa oti auto einai to xrwma mou, to xrwma twn genethliwn mou simfwna me ti xrwmatologia…Kai to prasino tou mina mou..foveri simptwsi…hehe
      Sigoura tha sindiazetai poli kala me ta ipoloipa rouxa stin ntoulapa mou…

  1. Mou aresan ola!!!! H tsanta einai FOVERI, kai ta snake skin papoutsia einai…teleia!!!!
    Euxaristo gia ta sxolia sou, eisai poli kali kai panta perimeno na se ”akouso” sto blog sou! Ean ego kamia fora den erxomai, simainei oti eimai REALLY busy: xekinisan ta sxoleia tora, o gios mou(5) paei nipio kai h kori mou(9) paei tetarti!!!! Doulevo sto grafeio kai mexri na pao spiti na mageirepso, na diabasoun, na pane kolimbisi,etc….I am dead! Ean DEN me deis, grapse me lati sto blo e bres me sto FB (Vanda Sofia Santos)!
    Se simpatho poli!!!!!
    vanda recently posted..Peter-pan Colar dressMy Profile

    • S’euxaristw para poli gia ta kala sou logia Vanda mou! Xairomai para poli pou sou aresan oi nees mou agores!
      Katalavainw oti einai diskolo na afineis sxolia otan exeis tosa pragmata na kaneis stin kathimerinotita sou! Kai fisika proteraiotita exoune i oikogeneia sou kai ta paidia sou, ennoeitai!
      Tha ta xanapoume sigoura, giati mou aresei poli to blog sou kai panta pernaw gia na sou afisw kapoio sxolio sta kainourgia sou post! 🙂

  2. Wow these shoes look amazing! I love the gold heels! And the bag is also very sweet. I am curious to see an outfit with this fantastic heels. I saw the poncho at an H&M store and I liked it! But I bought another poncho (as you can see in my outfit #20 and 21). Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog! I am always happy to read them!
    My-Fashion-Diary recently posted..Today’s Outfit #21My Profile

    • Thank you very much! I’m glad you liked them!
      I wanted to buy the poncho from the moment I saw it, but waited a few weeks for the weather to cool off a bit. I actually wore the green shoes yesterday, but I didn’t take pictures, cause the outfit was similar to another one I had posted.
      I’ll come by your blog real soon!

  3. Wow!!!! So many new things! And so amazing things! I looooved the green/blue snakeskin Zara shoes, I considered buying them when I saw your list for September! Your taste is really very good, cause then you found these amaaaaazing, simply amazing green shoes! And the bag is also cool!
    Also, I loved the navy blue dress, can’t wait to see the way you will style it – with a necklace, bracelet, which shoes… anyway you do it, I’m sure it’ll be a great outfit – you have the ability of touching something and make it work!
    I loved the green (St Patrick!) nail polish (your nail there!) I was thinking about answering you through email, but I confess I have been lazy these days… I think I’m just giving time to myself after some things happened and still happen, that is, sometimes I simply watch movies or read a magazine and dream of life, but I’ll definitely write to you again! When I see, the day is over and I didn’t do much!
    It was about the polishes, the brand that doesn’t exist here 🙁
    My polishes are terrible after 3 days, depends on the color.
    Then I want to ask you something, that I was planning to ask you before. Today I asked MFD, because she asked me something “similar”.
    Do you know a shampoo brand called Aussie? I just find it in the UK, and I wear it since 2009. It’s maaaaaarvellous, maaaaarvellous, I swear. So I’d like to send one of it, and conditioner, it’s fabulous! I thought it would be nice – cause you wrote me about one bottle of the GT Cosmetics… I was about to answer you, but as I said, if I don’t do it here now it’ll take ages… I know how lazy I’ve been these days!!!! (So, excuse me!)
    When will we see you wearing your new clothes and shoes? Your readers love to see you! (Greek goddess!!!!!)
    Filakia polla!!!!!!!!!
    Denise recently posted..Asos Ashford bootsMy Profile

    • hahaha thank you so much Denise. Your words are always so flattering that you make me blush every time! :$ A greek goddess! I liked that! hehe 🙂
      I’m so glad you liked my new purchases. I’m always thinking of you, and what you’ll think, when I’m writing my new posts, or when I’m taking pictures. You have trully become a friend after all those months, and I’m always waiting for your comments. Thank you for all those lovely comments!
      I know what you mean, because I’ve been lazy myself these days. I’m trying to keep up with everything but I end up doing nothing all day. I usually watch my tv series on my pc for hours.
      Maybe the polishes you use aren’t so good, or maybe you don’t use a good top coat, or a top coat at all. My nails used to cheap a lot, but since I started using Mavala’s Mavadry, that’ve changed. Of course, I don’t do houseworks, because I live with my mother, and she does all the housework here. Just to be completely honest. If you want me I can send you some bottles of nail polish in the colors you like.
      No, I don’t think I know the brand. But I would like to try it. Although my hair give me much trouble cause I have really dry skin and I use many different shampoos to treat my problem. My doctor says it’s psychological…
      I don’t know when I’m gonna be able to wear all the new clothes, cause I’m still wearing my summer ones. The weather here is still really warm. Today I used my A/C again! But I’ll do it at the first chance I’ll have! I haven’t thought of how to wear them in an outfit yet.
      Filakia polla Denise!

  4. megeia!!!!! poly omorfa ola alla pethaino me tis mple snakeskin goves…. olo ti s koitazo kai telika kataligo me kati allo!… nomizo tha “prosthesoun” poly se opoio look epilekseis na synodepsoun… anamenoume loipon!

    • Euxaristw poli Christina! Kai egw tis koitaza sinexeia kai telika piga kai tis agorasa….Akoma den exw skeftei pws tha tis foresw, alla molis to kanw tha anevasw fwtografies edw xixi 🙂

  5. I adore the green suede pep toe pumps! The gold heel is the perfect touch! I’m sure you come up with sooo many great looks with these new items! You’ve got me feeling like shopping today!
    Aquí recently posted..trenchtown rockMy Profile

  6. Νομίζω πολύ καλές οι επιλογές σου! Ειδικά η τσάντα είναι τέλεια!!:) Μπορείς να τη φορέσεις με τόσα σύνολα! Και τα βερνίκια είναι πολύ κομψά χρώματα:)

    Stories and Sequins
    Chrysa recently posted..Militaire and laceMy Profile

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