The shirt dress

17 September, 2011

I’ve been wanting to buy a shirt dress since last year, when I saw some pictures of Vanessa Hudgens rocking one of those. A simple summer shirt dress to wear it with a belt and flat sandals. So, I was really happy when I found exactly what I was looking for during my trip to Vienna, at the local H&M. And it also happened to be sales period, so I bought it for only 7euros!!! Score!!!

However, I wasn’t able to wear it till now, cause summer in Greece is scorching hot, and the shirt has ¾ sleeves. So when we had a few cold and rainy days about a week ago, was the perfect chance for me to wear it.

The dress is really sheer though, so I had to wear other clothes underneath it.

H&M shirt dress
H&M belt
Toi&Moi strapless top (underneath)
H&M boyfriend jeans shorts
Miss Sixty bag
Dexim cork wedges
Donna Karan sunglasses
Michael Kors rose gold watch
Vintage bracelets
GT Cosmetics nail polish in bright green (no. 9).

Excuse me for taking most of my photos in my balcony, but I’m always in a hurry to leave, and I don’t want to lose the sunlight (which leads to more noisy pictures) so I use the same old spot. I don’t know what I’ll do when the winter comes, I hate indoors pictures, cause the lighting is terrible.

Here are some close shots of the accessories, and my nails. I really wanted to show you this color. I came to love it and I think I’m gonna be wearing it in winter too.

Oh and I choose the wedges to make it more “sexy” and appropriate for a night out. I don’t like wearing flats when I go out at night.

Did you notice my ponytail? I wanted to show you a close up of this too, cause it’s actually a messy twisted ponytail. I’m sure you’ve seen it before; it’s nothing special, but I just needed to keep my hair out of my way and thought of it.

So, here comes the usual question. What did you think of the outfit?

The shirt was still pretty warm for the weather, but I enjoyed it so much. I’ve been waiting for 2 months to wear it.

P.S. I was recently given 3 blog awards, from 2 lovely Greek bloggers. So I want to thank Caramellitsa for giving me “The sunshine award”, and the “One Lovely Blog” award, and Claire for giving me the “One Lovely Blog” award again earlier last week. Find their posts about them, here and here. I have accepted these ones before, so I’m not going to pass them again, but you can find my posts here and here.

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48 comments on “The shirt dress

  1. I always love the way you wear and match your clothes, and now I loved your outfit again! Such a nice way to wear the shirt dress, with boyfriend shorts underneath! I also loved your bag (you have amazing bags, for sure!) and the fact that you wore wedges instead of flats!
    Then again, it’s amazing that it’s still hot for this outfit, cause it looks like “light”. Well, good for you that the weather is nice there! Cause when the winter comes here in the UK (or where I lived before) it’ll be freezing cold for many months (but anyway, I remember going to Greece in January and it was 16 degrees, while in Berlin it was -9!)
    Also, I loved your ponytail! You are now an expert in different hairstyles, I really loved it!
    The nails ar perfect as usual, I liked this color very much and I really think it’ll look good in winter too!
    So, a perfect outfit with perfect colors and combination, for a great night out, I hope! Hope you had fun! You always look so beautiful (because you are, of course, inside and outside!) And com’on, you did lose some weight! The pictures, at least, show this… you look simply great!
    Denise recently posted..The 80’s or Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 68My Profile

    • Believe me, the outfit was too warm for the weather. Later on I took the shirt off and stayed with my strapless top. But I think it’s going to change soon. We may have 10+ degrees during winter, or maybe near 0, but we have so much humidity that I can’t stand the cold. I prefer the dry cold weather, like they have in Sweden.
      The ponytail is incredibly easy to make, I’m too lazy to make more difficut hairstyles (not that I’m good at it). I loved the color of my nails too. Unfortunately I have to take it off today, even if they haven’t chipped yet. I have an unpleasant “event” to attend tomorrow, and they are too bright for it.
      Thank you so much for your sweet comment, you made my day again! I’m glad you like my outfits so much. Cause you have amazing taste too, and it means a lot to me. I’ve lost 1kg, although I want to lose more, thank you for noticing hehe…I left you some messages on your blog!
      Many kisses my sweet Denise!!! Have a fantastic weekend.

  2. I love this simple and comfy look! I like very much your nail polish!

    If you want take a look at my blog, we can follow each other!
    I added you as a friend on facebook!

    • Thank you very much for your comment! And don’t worry about the link back to your blog, you’ve already done that since, you put it in the website box. I didn’t see your friend request on Facebook though!

  3. Γεια!

    Τέλειο το φουστανοπουκάμισο!:) Πολύ χαριστωμένο! Και οι πλατφόρμες και η τσάντα επίσης:) Τα νύχια σου όπως πάντα τέλεια περιποιημένα και το χρώμα είναι πολύ όμορφο! Τα μαλιά σου επίσης μου αρέσουν πολύ, πολύ γλυκό μελί χρώμα:)
    Εδώ χαλάει ο καιρός…:( Φθινόπωρο κανονικό πια! Οπότε αναγκαστικά, σιγά σιγά προσαρμογή και της γκαρνταρόμπας:)

    Stories and Sequins
    Chrysa recently posted..Militaire and laceMy Profile

    • Geia sou Chrysa mou, s’euxaristw poli gia to comment sou! Xairomai pou sou aresane…Nai ta mallia einai meli, apo tote pou prwtoekana antaugies..den allazw eukola xrwma hehe…
      Kai edw xalaei o kairos ase, tha fthinopwriasei apo aurio methaurio lene! 🙁 Den thelwww ….Prosarmogi…ti na kanoume..
      Filia! 🙂

    • Aww thank you so much for your comment Monkeyface! Glad you liked my outfit! It’s a really convenient spot for photos, as it doesn’t have many background distractions and it’s far enough from nosy neighbours but I hate taking all of my pictures there. Wish I could find beautiful places for photoshoots like you do. I admire your photography skills and your ability to find new and pretty places for your photos! 🙂

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