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Who’s that girl, you must be thinking if you’re relatively new here. But if you’re an old reader of mine, you’d know that this little precious thing is my dog Mae. She doesn’t appear on the blog often, because as you can tell she’s not fond of having her picture taken, but it’s not the first time she’s stolen the spotlight. The other day, we decided to take my outfit photos while we took her for her walk. She’s too old to take long walks these days, so she was tired after 10 minutes. But she loves being out of the house with us. In these photos, I’m wearing my new grey Lee jeans, and yes, my new cardigan again. The weather has been so nice lately, that I’ve been wearing it like a coat to keep me warm, and it goes well with everything. Don’t you agree? So, head-to-toe grey it is!

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March 2015 | Wishlist

March 2015 - wishlistMarch started with lots of rain here in Greece, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking of spring, my favorite season of all. I went for some gift shopping the other day, because many friends and family members had either their birthday or their nameday, and I came across some things that made my wishlist. I don’t know if I’m gonna get them or not, but you know I like to show you my favorite finds every month. Which one if your favorite?

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New in my closet

Last week I did some shopping at Zara, and added some more stuff to the ones I’ve already bought a bit earlier this month. And I thought that now would be a good time to gather them all together to show them to you.

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