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This is what I wore 2 days ago to meet with Kleoniki for photos and coffee. Apart from the heels, everything else is more than casual. Capes & ponchos are all the rage this season, and I remembered I had this one, which I’ve never had the chance to wear outside. It’s really cute, and although I don’t how this outfit looks to others, I liked it! It kept me warm and made me feel nice. The weather however is getting cold, and it is cloudy and rainy 24/7. So difficult to take decent outfit photos! Let’s hope for some sun, soon.

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A little bit of boho | Outfits

A little bit of boho 2 - outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comWe took these photos last week, just before the temperatures dropped a lot. I wanted to wear my cape/poncho for a long time now, but didn’t have the opportunity. So since I knew the weather was gonna drastically change in the next days, I thought this was as good a chance as any, and wore it then. I liked that combo! Simple, comfortable with a little bit of boho in it. What do you think?

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The cape

After searching for a title for a few minutes, and failing, I decided to go with a simple one! I’m so bad at this!

Anyway…this outfit was shot more than a week ago; one of the days that it wasn’t so cold outside, but now it is finally the time to show it to you! There’s nothing special about it, just doing some light shopping at the mall, and taking pictures after everything was closed. It is the first time you see me wearing my new sunglasses in an outfit, and it sure won’t be the last one. I hope you’re not bored yet, seeing me with this bag. It’s just that it’s the perfect size to take all the things I need with me, plus I can fit in my DSLR, which makes it really practical.

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New in my closet

Last week I did some shopping at Zara, and added some more stuff to the ones I’ve already bought a bit earlier this month. And I thought that now would be a good time to gather them all together to show them to you.

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