Never too late for a bit of burgundy

21 March, 2012

I just realized that I’m way too late on my posting about my outfits, because I already have 3-4 more in the waiting, and this one was shot almost one month ago. :/  That’s not good. I actually managed to take quite a few outfit photos this past month, and I didn’t have the time to edit them, or write about them, so now I’ll have to show you some “outdated” ones on my next posts. You’ll understand when you see them!

Anyway, I chose this outfit for a night out at the movies, when I watched “Sherlock Holmes 2: A game of shadows”.

Again, I chose the same “corner” for my photos, as I was running extremely late, and didn’t have that much time to arrange the frame properly.

Remember last month when I told you that I have a similar sweater/dress to this one? This is it!

No I’m not trying to play cute or seductive. I had just realized that I wasn’t in the frame. hehe

Sweater dress: Bershka (similar style: here and here), “riding” pants: Sarah Lawrence (similar style: here and here), ankle boots: Killah, bag: Moschino (similar one: here), sunglasses: Donna Karan, necklace: random (gift), watch: Esprit, cuff bracelet: vintage, purple bracelet: Folli Follie, rings: both vintage.

And these close-up photos were taken after I had returned from the movies, to show you the little details.

I had still on my nails no. 346 from GT Cosmetics by Tommy G. One of my favorites so far!

And I recently rediscovered my mum’s vintage rings on my drawer. It’s been years since I last wore them.

So what do you think? Don’t forget to leave me your comment, and follow my blog. 😉


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21 comments on “Never too late for a bit of burgundy

  1. Your question “so, what do you think?” makes me answer “fabulous”! Simply fabulous!
    I loved the color of the sweater and the black detail on the waist, really beautiful! I loved the way you spiced up a black outfit, with the touch of color, the super cool Moschino bag (love Moschino!) and the jewellery! The rings are very beautiful – I love silver – and the flower bracelet is my favrite item!
    From last month or not, it doesn’t matter! I’m very glad to see a beautiful outfit! I also watched the movies, really cool!
    I like to paint my nails with vivid colors when they are longer, so hehe, next month I might ask you that amaaaaaaaaazing color! (Really super in love with it!)
    Filakia polla, gorgeous model (com’on, I don’t know whether you are on a diet or not, but you look like a superstar model!)
    Denise recently posted..Sweet pink floral dressMy Profile

    • Thank you Denise! I just found a chance to reply to your comment! I’ve been so busy these days! I’m sorry I haven’t come to your blog yet. I will today! I actually forgot about my own post, and I didn’t have it ready, so once I found out it was the day to make a post, I did all the editing, and wrote the text to post it. The detail on the waist is actually a piece of black lace. It’s quite nice! And the bag was a gift from a dear family friend, who always buys me amazing gifts.
      Which color did you mean? The one I’m wearing in this post? I must go buy it for you then, because I don’t know if they’ll still have it when the new spring colors will be out. It’s indeed really beautiful, one of my favorites for sure! In my next posts you will see the color you sent me and I told you I painted my nails with it. And I’m planning to use another one from the ones you sent me, in my next manicure. These outfit posts are so late. I should have already posted them, but I had other posts to do, and got postponed. So I’ll post them all as soon as possible, and continue with new -spring- outfits. Yayyy!!!
      Filakia polla my sweet friend! Thank you so much for calling me a model! hehe you always make me smile when you do. I’m still on a diet, but it’s not so successful, since I ate lots of chocolate this month. Bad M. hehe! 🙂

    • S’euxaristw para poli Vanda! Me kaneis kai kokkinizw! Ama egw exw kormara esi ti na peis? Pou exeis super teleio swma?
      To manicure ta teleutaia xronia to kanw moni mou! Opote to thewrw megalo koplimento! S’euxaristw poli!
      Filia polla! 🙂

    • S’euxaristw poli caramellitsa! Den einai akrivws kolan, einai poli xontro, kai sigoura adiafanes! Gia tin akriveia einai pio konta se panteloni ippasias! Se kamia periptwsi den tha evgaina me toso konti mplouza kai kolan haha…tha fainontan ola! Kai exoun dei polla ta matia mou me auta ta kolan.
      Sigoura pantws einai para poli aneto!

  2. beautiful in burgundy! i don’t really have anything burgundy in my closet, now that i think about it! love those vintage rings…especially the one on your middle finger. moms’ jewelry boxes always have the best stuff!

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