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29 May, 2012

 A couple of posts ago, I showed you my party’s buffet, and shared with you all the little details I had organized for my friends. Planning my parties, or such events, is one of my favorite things. Despite the fact that the process can be quite tiring, the joy it gives me, after everything is ready, makes it all worth it. My next favorite thing after organizing, a “killer” and memorable party, is picking out the outfit for the day. Even though, I didn’t have much time on my hands, I had the outfit of the day, planned in my mind, and just hoped it was as good in real life as I imagined it to be. And thankfully it was, or at least I believe so. I wanted something comfortable so I could be able to walk around, and make coffees and drinks for my friends or adding stuff to the buffet, and things like these. So I consider the outfit an excellent choice.

I want to thank my amazing sister-in-law for being the photographer of the day. It was so nice to “work” with her, because I was really relaxed, and she had great suggestions for me, even though she’s not a photographer. So, thank you C.!
All editing was done by me.

H&M dress (seen before in this post, but worn here for the first time)(similar style here and here), Mango belt, Steve Madden Dynemite sandals (buy here in lavender and peach), Donna Karan sunglasses, Diamond Petal necklace (find it here), Accessory Crossing cuff bracelet (similar here), vintage gold watch, and Yves Saint Laurent Arty Oval ring in mint green (buy it here, or here in turquoise and here in blue).

Caught on the move, but I really liked the pic.

Totally different lighting here

My cat Moira posing next to me

As you may have guessed from this, and my birthday’s outfit, I really like combining purple with green. So I kept almost the same theme and most of the accessories from the previous outfit. Although this one, is definitely my favorite!

  A bit of a sexy pose (not something I usually do, but my sister-in-law insisted I post it, cause it’s nice). The dress isn’t as sheer in real life as it is in these pics, but either way, I was wearing shorts underneath. Better be safe than sorry.

As you can see, the neon pink nails really glow in these pics, even though the color isn’t so precise.

Elena put some blink on my ring fingers! Never tried it before!

My mint green Steve Madden Dynemites in all their glory! Seriously in love with them! Look at those heels!

Isn’t this the perfect way to finish a post? With a fabulous pair of heels?

Well, at least in my opinion it is!

This is Shoe Save #6/56 for me, on the Shoeper Shoe Challenge by, by the way.
And the party outfits are not over yet. I may take a little break between this outfit post, and the next one, to do my usual “month in pics” and “month’s wishlist” posts, but I will be back, with another one. And I also have to show you the gifts I received for my birthday! So stay tuned!!!

Oh how I love birthdays and parties! 🙂 How about you?


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40 comments on “My party outfit

  1. Everything stunning! Absolutely gorgeous! Impressive photos and outfit!
    Well, I love the way you combine pieces and colors, with purple and green now. All worked in a perfect way! I loved the cut of the dress with the “ruffles” in front! The belt is also amazing and the ring too (and is it “that” bracelet from 2011? I’m so shortsighted, but I guess it is… then I feel even more honored, cause then I “was with you” on your birthday, so happy for it!) The heels are perfect and what to say about the sexy pose? Your sister-in-law was so right! You should pose that way more times, a Victoria’s Secret Model and you don’t want to share it with us? Blessed C.! You could be in NY now, for their catwalk – you have the perfect body for that! (Don’t say you don’t, you do!)
    Filakia polla, aaaaahhhh, I want to see the other outfits! But I know you have the wishlist, which is also good to see!
    Denise recently posted..Just a joke!My Profile

    • Thank you soooo much Denise! I’m so glad you liked my look! I really wanted to show it to you, cause I take your opinion very seriously. Of course you’re always really sweet, and you say good things about my style, but it’s true, your opinion matters to me. You said not to tell you that I don’t have a great body, but I thing you exaggerate. I may be average looking, and have an average weight in real life, but no way could I be a runway model. They are so skinny nowadays, and I’m not even tall. hehe I’m average there as well. I’m usually too shy to pose, especially in front of other people passing by when I’m taking my pics, but I’ll try to “pose” more often. And yes, this is the bracelet you sent to me, which I love. And it was one of the first accessories I thought to add to the outfit. It’s perfect! And I guess you were with me in a way! 🙂 You were on my mind, that’s for sure. You know how much I wanted you to be there, even though I knew you couldn’t. And that’s all right…Don’t feel bad!
      Thank you so much for your comment!!! Sending you lots of love, and kisses from Greece! 🙂

    • Thank you so much Deniz! I would love to have them in as many colors possible as well! They are gorgeous and really comfortable…
      You’re welcome. I’m really happy for you! 🙂

    • Awww s’euxaristw poliiiii!!! 🙂 Xairomai pou sou arese!
      Nai nai poli kali i glikia mou…ligo out of focus itane kapoies, alla nomizw ekana arketa kalo editing! 🙂 An kai nomizw egw eimai i diki tis kouniada, mias kai auti einai i nifi mou…mmmm panta mperdevw autes tis siggenies…hehe

  2. Wow you look stunning in these shots!! I absolutely love this look – purple and gold are one of my favorite combinations, and the green mixes in just perfectly! You are one stylish hostess, that’s for sure! 🙂

    sorelle in style recently the seaMy Profile

    • Thank you Stephanie! I’m influenced by the color blocking trend these past couple of years. I really like mixing bright contrasting colors, it’s so much fun!

  3. entaxei den to suzhtame theaaaaaaaaaa, to forema einai magiko alla auto pou me xetrelenei einai ta pappoutsia pote den hmoun trelh fan twn xrwmatistwn pappoutsiwn alla ta sugkekrimena einai apla apisteuta, den paizete poso omorfo einai to xrwma. ax se euxaristw toso polu gia ola sou ta comment k sorry pou arghsa toso polu na s kanw comment
    filia polla
    Marianne M. recently posted..Diamonds are a woman’s best friendsMy Profile

    • S’euxaristw para poli Marianna mou! Nomizw oti o sindiasmos kai twn dio itane kalos…Auta ta papoutsia ta erwteutika ap’tin prwti stigmi pou ta eida…kai kses poso agapaw ta papoutsia! 🙂
      Den peirazei pou argises na kaneis comment, sigoura exeis polles douleies stin proswpiki sou zwi…S’euxaristw poli gia to xrono sou…simainei polla gia mena otan episkeftesai to blog mou! 🙂
      Filia polla!

  4. Εντάξει, και το προηγούμενο outfit ωραίο, αλλά εδώ Μ μου είσαι πανέμορφη! Πολύ μου άρεσε που συνδύασες το μωβ φόρεμα με mint πέδιλα και χρυσό, όπως και τα αξεσουάρ. Σου πάνε τα maxi dresses 😉 Ίσως να μη χρειαζόταν τόσο το κολιέ γιατί η ζώνη, το δαχτυλίδι και τα βραχιόλια τραβούν όλη την προσοχή και δένουν καταπληκτικά μεταξύ τους <3

    Kisses xx
    Kate V recently posted..New in: Polka-dot Ruffle BikiniMy Profile

    • S’euxaristw para poli gia ola sou ta comment Kate mou! Tha sou apantisw edw, gia na min gemiseis mail apo kathe mia apantisi!
      Nai, ta perissotera fagita ta eftiaxa egw, alla opws lew kai sto post i mama mou me voithise para poli…kapoia ta ekane auti, kapoia ta ftiaxame mazi kai kapoia moni mou…alla xwris ti voitheia tis den tha prolavaina na ta exw ola stin wra tous…To boyfriend distixws apousiaze sto party, giati einai sto strato autin tin periodo, alla irthe kai giortasame mazi ta kanonika genethlia mou, opou eides kai to proigoumeno outfit, me to prasino forema…
      To mov forema to erwteutika nomizw ap’tin prwti stigmi pou to eida…kai eutixws mou pige giati sinithws den niwthw poli “o eautos mou” otan foraw maxi…alla auto kathise kala…Ithela na to sindiasw me ta mint pedila kai genikotera prasino me xrisa axesouar, kai epeidi eixe megalo anoigma mprosta apofasisa na foresw kai to kolie gia na travaei ta vlemmata ekei kai oxi pio xamila… 😉
      Opws eipa kai proigoumenws stin Dena ap’to Style Limelight, elpizw kapoia stigmi na kataferoume na gnwristoume kai apo konta kai na sas kalesw kai esas kapoia stigmi sto spiti, na etoimasw lixoudies na sas kerasw! 🙂 Sorry gia to long reply.

  5. Το φόρεμα το λάτρεψα!! Τα παπούτσια όχι και τόσο..αλλα who cares!!! Ησουν μια κούκλα και η κουνιάδα σου είχε δίκιο σε όλες τις πόζες που σου πρότεινε!!! Κουκλα!!!

    • S’euxaristw para poli Kerasia mou! 🙂 Ax egw exw agapi me auta ta papoutsia ap’tin prwti stigmi pou ta eida…Einai kai poli aneta…:)
      Filakia polla!

  6. You look so great to your party dress and I love everything you wear. I love the way you wear a dress that will suit to a certain occasion.

  7. Hey M! Loving your party outfit, it’s so vibrant and screams Birthday Girl!! You look radiant. The photos are great, how good does you bum look in the 9th picture??!! Although I’m not sure your cat approves! xx

    • Hey Laura! Thank you so much! 🙂
      hahaha I’m sure it’s nothing personal…She just doesn’t like the camera’s flash, or having her photo taken! 😉

  8. Εισαι μια κουκλα!!!υπεροχες φωτογραφιες!!μπραβο
    κ στη φωτογραφο!

    Μαρεσουν τρελα οι λεπτομερειες η ζωνη τα παπουτσια
    ολα τελεια!!!!!
    Πολλα φιλακιαα

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