Let’s add some color to this cloudy day | Outfits

We had a really small window to take these photos just before the sun went down on this cloudy day. I was thinking about wearing these sandals to the wedding I attended, but I decided to go with the other pair. But I couldn’t get these shoes out my head. I bought them last summer, with their black twins (both from Buffalo), and they must be one of the most comfortable pairs I own. This type of shoes seems to be the best for summer. Comfortable and leaves my feet blister free. It’s a huge plus, because all summer shoes “destroy” my feet. The fact that they’re so stylish and high makes me love them even more. Do you like this otherwise casual and laid-back outfit? I was really comfortable, I swear!

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Pencil dress & black lace | Outfits

I usually post in order of when the photos were taken, but this time I decided to mix posts a little bit to show you my Easter outfit and my last Shoe Save (#65 on my Shoeper Shoe Challenge by Shoeperwoman.com). You’ve seen this dress before, when I wore it for New Year’s Eve (it’s the one I brought with me from London), but lots of you asked me to show it in a better way, because the photos were taken inside back then. Well, I’m not completely satisfied with these either (I like the photos but they don’t show the whole beauty and details of the dress), but you’ll see it many times in the future, I’m sure. These photos were taken on a really hot day, when the sun was shining bright above us. This time, I decided to pair my purple dress with green shoes and bag, instead of black, a combination I really love! What do you think?

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My party outfit

 A couple of posts ago, I showed you my party’s buffet, and shared with you all the little details I had organized for my friends. Planning my parties, or such events, is one of my favorite things. Despite the fact that the process can be quite tiring, the joy it gives me, after everything is ready, makes it all worth it. My next favorite thing after organizing, a “killer” and memorable party, is picking out the outfit for the day. Even though, I didn’t have much time on my hands, I had the outfit of the day, planned in my mind, and just hoped it was as good in real life as I imagined it to be. And thankfully it was, or at least I believe so. I wanted something comfortable so I could be able to walk around, and make coffees and drinks for my friends or adding stuff to the buffet, and things like these. So I consider the outfit an excellent choice.

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New Year’s Eve outfit

I know I’m terribly late at showing you my New Year’s Eve outfit, but I had other posts planned before and I wasn’t completely sure that I was going to publish these photos. You see, I had only a few minutes to take these pics before we leave for a night club after we welcomed 2012 and I wasn’t at all satisfied by the result. But I decided to post them anyway, because I wanted you to see what I wore.

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