My party outfit

 A couple of posts ago, I showed you my party’s buffet, and shared with you all the little details I had organized for my friends. Planning my parties, or such events, is one of my favorite things. Despite the fact that the process can be quite tiring, the joy it gives me, after everything is ready, makes it all worth it. My next favorite thing after organizing, a “killer” and memorable party, is picking out the outfit for the day. Even though, I didn’t have much time on my hands, I had the outfit of the day, planned in my mind, and just hoped it was as good in real life as I imagined it to be. And thankfully it was, or at least I believe so. I wanted something comfortable so I could be able to walk around, and make coffees and drinks for my friends or adding stuff to the buffet, and things like these. So I consider the outfit an excellent choice.

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