Bare midriff in autumn | Outfit post

These photos were taken a few days ago, when the weather was still autumn-ish, contrary to the weather we’ve been having these past couple of days, that’s been all rainy & windy. The weather was actually quite mild that day, which allowed me to go out with a bare midriff. I had this outfit on my mind for days, and I’m glad I decided to wear it then, because it would have been impossible to wear it now. I hope I could also leave my tights home, but I was planning to return home late at night, so it wasn’t an option.

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First autumn leaves | Outfit post

I think the weather is getting colder these days. I could feel it the night I returned home after we had taken these photos! Days are still pretty warm, but when the sun goes down the temperatures drop. My trusty long cardigan couldn’t keep me warm enough. I think it’s finally time to bring out the trench coats and jackets for this season, even here in Greece. This “long summer” has been fun, but it can’t stay forever. These days, I’m dressing really casual. I find this season really tricky. You can’t wear summer clothes, but you can’t wear winter clothes either. I have some fall pieces, but the trickiest part is the shoes for me. Too cold to wear sandals, to warm to wear boots…Usually in these cases, I choose to wear my ballerinas.

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Muted pastels

Good morning everyone! I hope you had a fantastic weekend! I was away from my computer most of the time, as many of my friends, and my bf were in town for the elections yesterday…I can honestly say that I had a great time with them. Best Friday, and weekend, for a long time! I’m not gonna comment about the elections yesterday, because you’re not here to talk politics…So, let’s cut to the chase. The actual outfit post….I wore it last week to go for coffee with my sister-in-law. The weather was sunny and warm, so I didn’t really wore the jacket I had with me.

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Pastels with a hint of neon

Hello hello! It’s Friday today, and I’m pretty sure everyone’s excited for the weekend. I’m almost 2 weeks late in showing you my Easter Sunday outfit, but you know how it is, I usually do 2-3 posts a week. So, without further ado, I present to you my outfit from that day. As the title implies it’s mostly a pastel colored outfit, with just a tiny hint of neon.

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