Valentine’s Day | outfit inspiration

When you hear about Valentine’s Day you definitely think of red, hearts everywhere, red and RED. Well, wearing red on Valentine’s Day would be the obvious choice, but once in a while I get tired of the clichés and want to try something else. This is an outfit I would totally wear on Valentine’s Day: ladylike, elegant with the right amount of sexy. My red hair is all I need for the daily dosage of the color of love. But if you’re not a redhead, well, there’s always the option of red underwear, and sexy lace. Think about it!

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New in | nail polishes and rings

A few days ago, I went shopping for sales, and for a birthday present for a friend, and I came home with these. Some nail polishes, 2 gold rings, and a hair donut. I don’t know if you’re familiar with this item, but it’s used to create nice hair buns. This one can also be used open, for different hairstyles. Check out the captions under each photo for more details.

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