Rebel at heart | Outfits

Rebel at heart 10- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comWho would believe me if I had told him, that I, the eternal “germ-phobic”, would have gladly sit in the middle of the road to get these pictures? I bet no one who knows me would! T. couldn’t believe it either, and he was the one behind the camera. Would you, dear readers believe it, after having seen me in this outfit? Of course I’d never sit in the middle of the road wearing that outfit. I know, you must think that I’m crazy, because I didn’t do anything groundbreaking, but believe me, Mr. Monk in me would probably scream seeing me doing it. But I was so happy that day that I actually enjoyed it. Oh well, I have my moments too I guess. In “other news”, I wore this outfit last week to go to Thessaloniki’s International Fair and attend Sakis Rouvas’ concert after that. So the casual attire was much needed. 2 surprises from me in one day…I know, amazing! haha

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Sporty Chic | Outfit post

On Sunday, we went for a not-so-early-morning photoshoot with my babe, followed by coffee. The day couldn’t have been better. The sun was shining and even though the wind was strong, I didn’t even need to wear my coat. A sporty chic casual style is what I prefer for these occasions and I have to say that this new red hair color is growing on me. So bright and beautiful… What do you think about the look?

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Sweatshirts & burgundy | Outfit

I wore this outfit some weeks ago, to go shopping. It was right after my return from London, and I couldn’t wait to wear my only souvenir (apart from a Dorothy Perkins dress which I’m planning to wear over the holidays). I wanted this kind of a sweatshirt for a long time, and I really liked this one which will always remind me of my trip. Paired it here, with my latest love, my burgundy/oxblood pants, and my old grey boots…which are Shoe Save #37 according to the rules of Shoeper Shoe Challenge by

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