Stripes & mint | Outfits

Stripes & mint 8- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comI had a different outfit post in mind for today, but I really wanted to show you this one. I wore this outfit last Saturday to do some light shopping for nail-“necessities” and then went for coffee with T. It was a really windy day, as you can probably tell by these photos, but it was still quite warm. Since then the weather has taken a bad turn, and now looks more like autumn than summer, so I really needed something like this outfit post, to boost my mood. The color combination of the top and the rest of this outfit was rather unusual for me but I really liked the result. I hope you enjoy the photos.

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Mint condition | Outfits

I bet you’re bored of seeing me wearing mint all the time on the blog lately. I promise I’ll try to tone it down from now on. I get obsessed with colors, clothes, accessories so much that I can’t stop wearing them until I get bored of them. I guess this was a “mint month” for me. Since this month is coming to an end, and my next post will be the recap one, we’ll all see how much I’ve been wearing this color lately. This outfit was in fact a “repeat”. I wore it for the first time last year here, with some different accessories, and you may have seen me wearing it again on Instagram a few weeks ago. But I hadn’t photographed it back then, so I wore it happily again to go for coffee with some friends on Monday. See how different an outfit can look just by changing a few details? No need to worry about wearing the same clothes again!

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Summertime sadness in mint and blue | Outfits

I must do something about my inability to find post titles, because I tend to spend more time trying to find a title for my posts than actually writing the text. This title sums up the color pattern of my outfit, and my feelings for this cloudy summer day. We took these photos before going out with T. but the lighting of them disappoints me. And even though it was only on my previous post I said that summer in Greece tends to stay until mid-October, that day I got the feeling that it won’t stay for that long. And it made me really sad, not only because I hate winter (and the change to winter time in the end of October), but also because as I told you, I’ve booked a vacation in the middle of September, and it would be great to finally enjoy the sea, or at least the pool for a few days, after a rather hot summer spent in my city. Anyway…I hope you enjoy these photos! I picked a really simple outfit to wear with my favorite Steve Madden sandals, and my huge D&G bag. Do you like it?

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Summer casual | Outfits

Last Thursday we met again with Anatoli from the blog From with Love, to take some outfit photos of each other, and enjoy cold drinks next to the sea. It was a lovely afternoon, and we had fun taking photos and gossiping. I wore a super casual outfit to fight the hot summer sun. A definite uniform of mine when the temperatures rise to the highest! A huge thank you to Anatoli for taking my photos….I always enjoy meeting my girls and fellow fashion bloggers of my city! Visit her blog too and see the photos I took of her outfit.

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