Playsuit for fall | Outfits

Playsuit for fall 3- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comThis playsuit was one of my most recent purchases. If you follow me on social media, you might have already caught a glance of it (if not, then what are you waiting for?). I finally had the chance to wear it the other day. The weather has been terrible lately, as you can guess by the poodles of water behind me. It’s been raining every day, and it’s becoming a difficult task to take outfit photos. We took these just after it stopped raining…Don’t worry, I had a cardigan waiting for me in the car; I didn’t go out in this weather unprepared. I have so many ways on my mind, on how to wear this playsuit again, and I’m sure you’ll see it a lot this fall/winter. I just need to take (its top part) in a little bit, for a better fit, but it will be back! 😉

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Running errands | Casual outfit

Something simple to run some errands around town, on a really warm and sunny day…Almost too bright to take pictures, and since I was alone I had to use my self-timer again after a long time. Might have been the sun reflecting on the lens, or a weird mark on it, but most of my photos have a weird blue “stain” on them. I believe it’s the first one. Sorry for that. You asked for more casual outfits, and I’m doing my best to post more of these on the blog lately. So what do you think? Casual enough?

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Overcast | outfit post

I wore this outfit on Sunday to go for lunch with family friends. I wasn’t sure about it at first but I have to say that I really loved how it looked. I asked my mom to take these photos for the blog on this really cloudy day. As soon as we finished the rain started pouring down. Wore my new Bourne Agatha wedge booties for the second time that day, and saved them according to the rules of Shoeper Shoe Challenge by Do you like it?

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Red, green, black | Outfit post

I wore this outfit on Sunday, which was St. Patrick’s Day so I decided to add a little bit of green in it. As I’m on my last months of Shoe Saving (per the rules of the Shoeper Shoe Challenge by, I have to wear all my shoes at least once in the duration of a year) I’m trying to wear all my remaining shoes, even those which I hadn’t wear for quite a while, but still have a special place in my heart. At first I wore these Hispanitas with the metallic kitten heel, but as I find kitten heels difficult to walk in, I changed into another pair later, which I’d probably have chosen anyway to wear these days. So these are SS#51 and #52. Which pair do you like the most?

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Welcome to the world | Outfit post

The title of this post refers to the newest addition to our family, my baby nephew. These photos were taken just hours before he was born, while we were waiting for his delivery. This area has actually been on my list of places I want to take photos at, for the blog, and it was a great opportunity, as it was just across the hospital. I wore something really comfy for the day, as I knew I would be out all day! I hope you like it….Welcome to the world baby boy! 🙂

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